Sage vs Breville: Who Will Come Out On Top?

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I know you are also listening to our conversation, “winked.” But, if you belong to the United Kingdom and in any store of kitchen appliances, you find products with the “Breville” tag. Then, be aware these products have no connection with Breville Group Limited.

I planned to visit my parent’s house this weekend. I was pretty excited. Due to an excessive workload over a couple of weekends, I could not meet them. Moreover, it’s lovely to see parents’ emotional faces on your surprise visit.They became excited, as I expected.

My dad said, “ Let me make a fantastic cup of coffee for my son, ” Dad knew we were both espresso lovers. I said, “Dad, Today I will make coffee, and we three will enjoy ourselves together,” My dad said, “As you wish, dear,” and smiled.When I switched on our espresso machine, after a spark, it stopped working.

I used a pour-over coffee maker and made three cups of coffee. I served them coffee and told them there was terrible news: “Our Espresso Machine Is No More.” My dad laughed and said, “RIP.”My mom also reacted to my expectations; she said, “Oh, why? How ?” “It was quite expensive,” My dad said, “Relaxed, we will buy a new one, to which Mom replied.

“I know a more expensive one, huh” “No, we will buy a very cheap one. Don’t worry,” Dad saw me after saying this and winked.I smiled, held my cup, and said, “So we have to buy a new one.” “What’s your opinion, Dad,” My dad said, “ Of course we will buy a new best perfect espresso machine.”

Sage VS Breville | Rivals or Same Company

Sage vs Breville Which Brand Makes the Best Espresso Machine

I said, “Sage VS Breville” What would you prefer? Dad said, “Choice is yours, dear.” I smiled and said let’s discuss them in detail.

No doubt, purchasing a coffee machine is a hectic job. Moreover, a wide range of brands is available with various coffee machine models—a quiet enough environment to confuse a coffee lover.

Another area for clarification of this espresso world is some companies are selling products with two different names. On the other hand, two different companies sell a product with one character. In such a situation, you have only a recipe for confusion.

My dad said, “ Really, I didn’t know this. Tell me more, son,” I continued; Dad, Sage vs Breville is one company, or are rivals of the world of magnificent coffee machines? Dad said, “ I think rivals.”

“No, Dad, they belong to the same company” Ausralian-based company named Breville Group Limited owns both. Furthermore, people find its ” Sage ” product in the United Kingdom. Conversely, espresso lovers from the rest of the world purchase its products under the brand name “Breville.”

Point To Remember:

The UK Breville brewers belong to a separate company named “ Jarden Corp. Breville group limited decided to have a separate brand name, “Sage,” for other continents due to the presence of Jarden Breville. So, when you buy a Sage coffee machine vs Breville, focus on these points.

Now, the main confusion is apparent. Moreover, we can now explore these popular expensive models’ advanced features and differencesAlso, we will see Breville vs Sage. Which one is more famous?

Does Each Brand Sell the Same Coffee Machines? 1

I also know that you guys have one question in your mind. Are they selling the same coffee machines because they belong to the same company? Yes, both brands are selling several same espresso and coffee makers. All these coffee machines have nearly the same features and only different brand tags.

On the other hand, some coffee makers belong to only one brand. Sage has coffee brewers and some coffee brewing devices that Breville only sells.

What is Sage Barista Express?

When we visit the café, the silky texture and layered art of the café latte fascinate us. Indeed, every one of us wants the same feeling and taste from home coffee. Will you believe me if I say it is possible with Sage Barista Express?

Furthermore, the Barista Express is a semi-automatic machine that will also give you a fantastic coffee experience at home. It comes with a steel look, and it looks fantastic.

Moreover, it is best for those coffee lovers with less counter space for the espresso machine and separate grinder. Due to the Sage Barista Express, you will get everything in one place. A milk frotherbuilt-in grinder, everything is present in this all-in-one espresso machine to fulfill your need.

Let me tell you its specifications:


  • Control dose grinding: Conical burr grinder will grind as required.
  • The capacity of Beam hopper:1/2 Ib
  • Digital temperature control: It will give you the correct temperature of the water
  • The capacity of the water tank:67 oz
  • Settings: Single, Double shot, Grind amount adjustments, etc
  • Grind directly in espresso portafilter due to grinding cradle
  • 54mm portafilter
  • Steam wand mid-class will provide the high-level foam
  • On top, there is a small cup warmerDial for Grinde size: it operates stepwise to give you complete control over coffee ground size.
  • Power: 1600 W, 120V

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Sage Barista Express Highlights

There is no doubt that you need patience when working with single-boiler machines. Sage Barista Express also has a single element to heat water for several functions. So, it would help if you waited a little longer regarding semi-automatic machines.

 Brewing Capability

Indeed, practice makes you perfect for getting a perfect espresso shot. Therefore, you must decide the grind amount, size of coffee grounds, pressure, temperature, and everything you can adjust as per your choice. The deal will remain in front of you always.

­  Pre-Infusion

Do you know what pre-infusion is? It means that water with low pressure will soak your coffee grounds. Moreover, you will get more flavorful extraction due to the pre-infusion capability of this advanced espresso machine.

 Heating Element

Due to the Thermocoil heating system, a machine will heat faster. However, shifting to steam mode is more challenging than in a double boiler machine. The Thermocoil heating system uses the reservoir water and heats it in minimum time.

­  Pressure Gauge

A Sage Barista Express also has a pressure gauge. Moreover, it will provide accurate information you are extracting at an ideal or over or under pressure.

­  Water Filters

It also comes with water filters that will help you filter water at a perfect filtration level. All things work in your desired way.

Milk Frother

As we mentioned above that it is a single boiler machine. So, steaming takes a little time. Moreover, slow milk frothing will give you time to improve your positions and techniques. You will also get a milk jug with a temperature strip.

­  Grinder with 18 sizes

No doubt, it has an excellent built-in grinder. In addition to this, it will give you 18 different levels of grinding coffee grounds. You can select according to your recipe.

­  Quality and Reliability

There is no doubt this machine is highly durable and reliable. Moreover, it has a steel body and standard height and weight. So it will quickly make its space on your countertop.

You May Also Like

  • Thermocoil heating system for faster heating
  • User-friendly and great design
  • Build-in grinder, so no need to use separate one
  • All-in-one espresso machine
  • It comes with everything that you need
  • Available within a reasonable price range

You May Also Don’t Like

  • Need time to become an expert barista through this machine
  • Some people find it difficult to find its parts
  • Single-boiler machine, so you need a lot of patience
  • Limit creativity due to 54mm portafilter

What is Breville Barista Express?

The Breville Barista Express will grind your coffee beans to provide a rich, flavorful espresso shot—moreover, precise temperature control for optimal extraction. You will get the best results due to the manual microfoam milk texture.

Sage vs Breville


  • The capacity of the Bean hopper: 1/2 Ib
  • Precise temperature control: the right temperature for optimal extraction
  • Water tank capacity: 67 oz
  • Settings: manual over-ride, Grind amount adjustments, Single, Double shot,
  • 54mm stainless steel portafilter
  • Dosing funnel attachment to reduce waste
  • 266 ‘F powerful steam for silky foam
  • On top, there is a small cup warmer
  • Conical Burr Grinder with 16 levels of grinding
  • Power: 1600 Watts, 110-120 Volts

Breville Barista Express Highlights

Sage vs Breville

We all know that products from the Breville group are reliable and highly durable. Moreover, this Breville Barista Express is another superb product that comes with a lot of additional features. It has everything which you think your espresso machine must have. A coffee made by this espresso machine will give you a café feel while you are at home sitting on the cozy couch.


You may also like

  • Thermocoil heating system to get desired water temperature
  • User-friendly
  • Build-in conical burr grinder
  • Build-in steam wand and volumetric controls as additional features
  •  Digital Temperature control panel
  • All in one best coffee machine

You may also don’t like

  • An expensive product
  • No control for milk frothing temperature
  • Limited creativity

Sage Vs Breville | Comparison Between Barista Express Machines

These are perfect coffee maker models to make delicious espresso shots. No doubt, a Breville sage brewer has excellent performance. In addition to the similarities, there is some difference between Sage and Breville.

Sage Breville
Brand NameBrand name in the UKBrand name for the rest of the world
GrinderBuilt-in GrinderBuilt-in Grinder
Grinding Levels18 grinding levels16 grinding levels
Dosing Funnel

Not present


BodyStainless SteelStainless Steel
Milk FrotherPresentPresent
Steam wandPresentPresent
Power1600W, 120V1600 W, 110 to 120V
Heating SystemThermocoilThermocoil

Now, it is up to you to decide which Sage Barista Express Vs Breville is best.


Is Breville the Same As Sage?

Yes, nearly both coffee machines have the same features. On the other hand, there are some differences as well. Well, both Sage and Breville are fantastic products.

Why is there so much hate for sage?

Hate for sage is subjective and can vary, but sometimes it may be due to personal preferences, misunderstandings, or misconceptions about the herb’s use and flavor.

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Conclusion 💭

Undoubtedly, various coffee machine options are available in the market. Sage vs Breville coffee machines debates are shared on social media these days. Are Sage and Breville the same company? After reading this article, this confusion is apparent; you can tell anyone that they are both the same. No one can deny that both are excellent espresso machines for a perfect espresso.

Moreover, you will find several advanced and useful features that will provide a home café espresso experience. If you are a serious coffee lover, you can choose any of them. The Sage vs Breville decision is in your hand. But keep in mind you need some time to become an expert.

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