Kalita Wave 185 vs 155 | Which One Is Best For You?

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It’s a sunny and quite warm day. I tried to look at the brightly shining sun, but my eyes couldn’t tolerate its bright light. I am feeling drops of sweat on my face. At that time, I craved a cold and refreshing beverage that could give me the energy to continue my work.

What is your idea of which drink will go well with this situation? Yes, I agree that nothing is better than cold-brewed coffee. It’s a perfect drink that will recharge your energy and reduce the effects of a hot summer.

Fortunately, I am good at making an Aeropress cold brew. Find my statement doubtful? Let me share my fantastic cold brew recipe through the Aeropress coffee maker.

Let’s dig into more depth about kalita wave 185 vs 155 and how to make Aeropress cold brew.

What is the Kalita Wave?

Kalita Wave 185 vs 155

First, let me tell you what Kalita Wave is and why people use this fantastic product. Kalita Wave is a coffee dripper, and we have to attach it to the brewer stand, or we can also directly brew in our cup. Moreover, you can find this product in three materials: stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. It has a flat bottom and a patented filter.

Furthermore, you called it the Kalita wave. Its name is based on the ridges and wave features that move down. It is cone-shaped equipment where ridges meet the flat bottom. In addition to this, the bottom also has three extraction holes

After this, there is a baseplate that surrounds the whole cone. Due to this attached baseplate, you can easily place it over your serving mug or any other serving vessel. Additionally, it has a handle that can be used easily without shaking.

According to the website of Kalita, there are 20 waves, and the filter will never touch the bottom. It prevents pooling, no matter from which angle you are pouring it. Furthermore, Kalita said that the presence of the wave zone ensures uniformity and taste reliability. 

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How To Use A Kalita Wave?

Kalita Wave 185 vs 155

I placed my coffee mug aside and ask my friends, now you know what is Kalita wave? But it is also essential to know how this amazing product works. It is simple to use it. Even relatively more straightforward for those who already know another pour-over coffee maker.

There is a need to place your dripper right above the vessel in which you are going to brew. Now, you must place a paper filter on top and rinse with hot water to remove the paper’s taste before brewing. This is an optional step, but people agree that rinsing the paper filter with hot water. It removes the papery taste.

Now, you should add 30 grams of coffee. Remember, you should grind coffee beans enough that they will become like table salt. After this, you must add 40 grams of hot water and wait 45 seconds to let the coffee bloom.

Now, add 40g water in a circular pattern of pouring and give it a gentle stir. After 1 minute, you should add 130g of water. Now, it is a total of 250 grams of water. Allow all the water to drain fully from the pores. Your delicious coffee is ready. Enjoy Bro.

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Kalita Wave 185 vs 155

Kalita Wave 185 vs 155

Furthermore, I will also explain different sizes and their models. You know, the stainless steel model and the glass model are quite famous among people. They are giving them nice brew time. 

Moreover, the size of the Kalita wave also influences the quantity of your coffee. The most popular models are the Kalita Wave 155 and Kalita Wave 185. Both of them are similar to some extent. But, they are different in size and some specifications. Let’s discuss both of them intensely for better understanding.

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Kalita Wave 185

This model of Kalita wave is great to get more cups of coffee in a single time brewing.

  • Design and Features : It is a cone-shaped pour-over coffee brewer that has waves that run down the cone to meet a flat bottom. There are extraction pours in its base for brewing fresh coffee. Furthermore, there are base plates attached to its bottom. So, you can place it over any serving vessel perfectly. 
  • Size and Capacity: No doubt it can help you to get a large quantity of coffee to serve your multiple guests. Moreover, in this pour-over coffee maker, you can use 29 to 30 grams of coffee and 500 ml of water easily. 
  • Material and Durability: As we explained above that it is available in three kinds of material. You can get Kalita Wave 185’s ceramic, glass, and stainless steel models in the global market. All are highly durable and heat–resistant models.

Now, it’s time to discuss some pros and cons of this Kalita wave 185.


  • User friendly 
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Provide you a coffee with a strong flavor
  • Serve you 3 to 4 cups within single time brewing
  • Attractive design
  • Cost-effective also


  • Relatively large size
  • Ruin filters easily

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Kalita Wave 155

Kalita Wave 185 vs 155

Another model of Kalita Wave is great for getting a single serving of coffee in one-time brewing.

  • Design and Features : It is also a cone-shaped pour-over brew coffee maker. Also, its design and features are similar to Kalita Wave 185. Moreover, there is only one difference between these models is size.
  • Size and Capacity: A Kalita wave 155 will take 17 to 18 grams of coffee and 300 ml of water. It provides a mug of coffee of regular size. In addition to this, for this model of Kalita, you need proprietary filters.
  • Material and Durability: Furthermore, you can get Kalita Wave 155 also in ceramic, glass, and stainless steel materials in the world market. All are highly durable and strong models to serve you delicious coffee.

Kalita Wave 155 also has some pros and cons. Let’s explore them also.


  • Simple for coffee brewing as compared to the automatic drip coffee maker 
  • Serve excellent coffee with a strong flavor
  • Serve 1 cup of coffee per brewing
  • Reasonable Price also


  • Small coffee brewer size
  • Only for single-cup serving
  • Ruin delicate coffee filters easily

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Kalita Wave 185 VS Kalita Wave 155 Comparison 

The most significant thing is the cost of any product. Kalita Wave pour-over brew coffee maker is cheaper than any other drip coffee machine. In the case of a charge, there is not much difference between both models of the Kalita wave. It is true that if you prefer the Kalita Wave 155 over than Kalita Wave 185 models, then there is a chance to save 20 to 30 dollars. 

Kalita Wave 155Kalita Wave 185
FilterProprietary wave coffee filtersProprietary wave coffee filters
Brew Volume1 to 2 cups of coffee3 to 4 cups of coffee
MaterialGlass, Ceramic and Stainless Steel version is also available Glass, Ceramic and Stainless Steel version is also available
Brew Time3 to 4 minutes3 to 4 minutes

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What is the maximum size of Kalita Wave 155?

Kalita Wave 155 is designed to serve one cup of coffee per brewing time. In addition, the maximum serving capacity is around 300ml of coffee.

How much coffee can you make Kalita Wave 185?

Due to its relatively large size, it can serve you nearly 3 to 4 cups of coffee per serving. You can follow any method from your favorite brew methods. If you live in a large family, it will soon come on the list of favorite coffee supplies.

Why are Kalita filters so expensive?

The coffee filters of Kalita Wave are much more expensive than other pour-over coffee makers. The reason behind this high cost of filters depends on their Japanese import. But, there is no doubt, its filters are high-quality and best for coffee brewing.

Final Thoughts 

Kalita Wave is a fantastic drip coffee brewer. No doubt, it is a real blessing for any coffee lover. You can find it in two unique sizes, 155 and 185. Moreover, it is straightforward to use.

In addition, the flat coffee bed is excellent for getting water flowing to get a robust and flavorful cup of coffee. Undoubtedly, it’s up to you to choose Kalita Wave 185 VS 155 per your requirements. Both models require manual effort for an excellent brewing experience. 

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