Niche Zero vs DF64 | Which Better

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I am considering buying a new coffee grinder for my home. But, up until now, I have searched for different products and read public reviews about them. According to my friends, I am demanding and crazy about my coffee-making pieces of equipment.

Tell me, guys, if I need to be corrected. I always used to say that coffee was more than caffeine for me. Indeed, I enjoyed every sip of my coffee, and I wanted the best taste.

Undoubtedly, the taste of an espresso shot depends on more than just the espresso machine. That’s why I am conscious of purchasing my coffee grinder. Nowadays, I am collecting information related to two champions of the espresso world. Niche Zero vs. DF64: Which one is better? These are popular among people due to their grind quality

Niche Zero Vs. Df64, What should I choose for good espresso cup quality? Furthermore, the basis of my confusion is DF64 Vs. Niche Zero. On the other hand, people are also sharing their experiences using both of these single-dosing espresso grinders. Let me share my treasure trove of information, which I gathered after days of research.

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Niche Zero Vs DF64 | Which One Is The Real Hero of the Espresso World?

If we wish to know, among these two best coffee grinders, which one is a real hero? Due to this purpose, we should explore their features, such as grind adjustment, burr options, grind sizes, coarser grind settings, and price range.

 No doubt, this is the only way to determine which is an excellent grinder for your espresso shot. As mentioned above, I gathered some data about their features and price. Let’s discuss both of them individually, and afterward, we will compare them at the end of this article. 

Niche Zero Review

Niche Zero Vs DF64

There is a wide range of coffee grinders available in the global marketplace. Niche Zero is a single-dose grinder. No doubt its features are high-quality and up-to-date. 

Key Features of Niche Zero

First of all, I will tell you why the name of this excellent single-dose grinder has “Zero.” This zero represents that it is a zero retention grinder. No coffee grounds will remain in the burrs. So, there is no worry that it will waste your coffee. There is also a debate over thick vs. thin vs. zero clients, and zero vs. zed is common these days.

On the other hand, the manufacturer designs it so that ground coffee comes out of the vessel. It is a conical burr grinder, and its burrs are made of stainless steel. You can also search for niche zero vs flat burr reviews for a better understanding.

In addition to this, another significant feature is its grinding capacity and grinding quality. There is no doubt that it is the best single-dose grinder for espresso. We all know that coffee grounds size is essential for the best flavorful extraction.

Moreover, its zero-speed operation ability also makes it unique. Due to this zero speed, the quality of ground coffee increases, and the chances of popcorning decrease. Undoubtedly, it is a great compact electric grinder for your home.


  • Dimensions: 31x21x12 cm
  • Power: 230V, 50Hz
  • Weight 4 Kg 
  • Burrs 63 mm Conical Burrs
  • Grinding Speed: 1.5 g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (Chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press)
  • Grinding Capacity 50 grams of coffee

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  • Stainless steel 63 mm conical burrs of professional level
  • Due to the zero Retention rate, there is no waste of expensive coffee grounds
  • Grinds coffee for your flavorful, excellent coffee cup
  • “Single Dose Grinder: you can grind even a small amount for one serving 
  • The best conical burr grinder for single users using different brewing methods
  • There is no need to grind extra coffee beans 

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  • When you are grinding for pour-over brewers, the conical burr can create issues

  • A backup grinder is a must if using pour-over coffee brewers

  • Only grind a small amount suitable for single dosing.

DF64 Review

Value For Money

MiiCoffee DF64 II Single Dosing Coffee Grinder

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Another champion of the world of espresso is the DF64 electric grinder for coffee. Moreover, coffee enthusiasts also appreciate its high-level grinding performance. It is suitable if we can say that it is one of the best niche zero alternatives.

On the other hand, people need clarification about the DF64 grinder vs. Niche Zero, which one is best. After knowing the fantastic features of DF64, you will also need clarification. So let’s move toward the features and specifications of DF64.

Key Features of Niche Zero

A fantastic espresso single-dose coarse grinder with a filter is worth all appreciation. No doubt, it is a matchless grinder in terms of grinding quality. Moreover, it is designed perfectly to provide sufficient coffee grounds for a perfect taste of your espresso.

The DF64 comes with zero grind retention. Usually, the coffee grounds are stuck in the crannies of the grinder. Due to this, the taste of your coffee suffers. However, there is no such issue with this grinder. It ensures that there will be zero waste from your coffee. We all know that coffee is indeed expensive. It can be a good niche zero-grinder alternative.

Now, it’s time to discuss its superb 64 mm steel flat burrs. Moreover, it is one of the best grinders compared to other flat burr grinders. Furthermore, people use a flat burr grinder for the more deep and robust flavor of the coffee. Based on commercial grinders’ trends and consumers’ opinions, the flat burr is better. But, the social media platforms have several posts on DF64 v4 vs niche zero.

Aesthetic sense is another thing that influences our purchase preferences. If you are also one of those who always looks at aesthetics, then DF64 is best for you. Our countertop deserves to have it.

In addition to all this, it has high performance and work efficiency. Indeed, this is a good product for coffee enthusiasts to try several brewing methods. Df64e Vs. niche zeroes, df64, will grind coffee beans faster than niche zero.

In the case of price, it is also available within a reasonable price range. You can also turn the DF64 vs. niche zero discussion offConversely, you can also check its price on Amazon stowever, Niche zero is the only grinder to compete with DF64 when discussing niche zero vs DF64 ssp.

Moreover, DF64 is also available in a wide variety of colors. You can select your favorite color from the available colors like red, white, green, black, yellow, etc. Due to this reason, the v-0 vs v-2 flame rating is relatively high.

Moreover, if you like to modify your coffee grinder and do more adventurous things, then DF64 will give you a chance. You know, you can upgrade its flat burst. Yes, guys, you can upgrade burrs to SSP burrs. So, DF64 will win in the game of DF64 SSP vs Niche Zero.


  • Dimensions: 32x21x40cm
  • Power: 220 -240V
  • Weight: 6.8 Kg 
  • Burrs, 64 mm flat steel Burrs
  • Grinding Capacity 50 grams of coffee


  • Stainless steel 64 mm flat burr professional coffee grinder
  • No wastage of expensive coffee grounds due to zero retention
  • You can modify the burrs of your grinder and upgrade it to SS burrs
  • Grinds coffee for different types of brewing methods
  • “Single Dose Grinder: you can grind even for a single serving
  • Available in various types of attractive colors to enhance the beauty of your kitchen,


  • Some people find it a little expensive as compared to the niche zero grinder’s price
  • Not much good when using pour-over coffee brewers.
  • Only grind coffee for a single serving

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DF64 Vs Niche Zero | Differences &Similarities 

After exploring their unique features, they are excellent grinders. However, there are some differences as well. Let’s have a look at it.

grinders. However, there are some differences as well. Let’s have a look at it.

Niche Zero vs DF64 Comparison Chart

 DF64Niche Zero
ColorAvailable in several colorsWhite and Black
Burr Size64 mm63 mm
Burr TypeFlatConical
Bean HopperSingle DoseSingle dose only
DoseTimed DoseTimed  Dose
ModificationFlat Burr to SpssNo Modification


Is DF 64 suitable for pour-over?

Yes, you can make pour-over coffee by using a DF64 grinder. But the manufacturers designed it for making espresso. If you wish to get an excellent flavor of pour-over coffee, then you should upgrade it. You can easily upgrade its burrs to SSP burrs. 

Who manufactures the DF64 grinder?

The DF64 is the best electric grinder to grind coffee beans. It is packaged under the name Italic. Moreover, you can also modify it and upgrade its burrs to SSP burrs.

Why is Niche Zero good?

The Niche Zero is considered good for its precise grind consistency, minimal retention of coffee grounds, and user-friendly design, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

How long will Niche Zero last?

The Niche Zero Grinder is made with high-quality materials, including natural wood. This ensures that the product is durable and long-lasting. With proper use, it will remain intact for many years.

Is niche zero-loud?

No worries about the high level of noise during grinding. It is a quiet grinding machine for coffee beans.

Is the niche market risky?

Yes, it is also true that the niche zero markets are risky as well. The main reason behind this is the unavailability of its parts. The major drawback of Place Zero is that it is challenging to repair.

Conclusion 💭

When buying a new coffee grinder, more than a wide variety of heroes are needed to create clarity. I want to provide you with as much information as possible in this article.

I will provide you with all the details associated with two great coffee grinders on the market. I hope you now have enough clarity to make a good decision. So, DF64 vs. Niche Zero, which one will become your coffee champion? The decision is in your hands.

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