Step-By-Step: How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew At Home

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It’s a sunny and quite warm day. I tried to look at the brightly shining sun, but my eyes couldn’t tolerate its bright light. I am feeling drops of sweat on my face. At that time, I craved a cold and refreshing beverage that could give me the energy to continue my work.

What is your idea of which drink will go well with this situation? Yes, I agree that that thing is better than cold-brewed coffee. It’s a perfect drink that will recharge your energy and reduce the effects of a hot summer.

Fortunately, I am good at making an Aeropress cold brew. Find my statement doubtful? Let me share my fantastic cold brew recipe through the Aeropress coffee maker.

Let’s dig into more depth about Aeropress and how to make Aeropress cold brew.

What is Aeropress?

Alan Adler, a founder of Aeropress Inc., invented this excellent manual coffee maker. Its main parts include an airtight silicone-sealed plunger and a brew chamber with a cylindrical shape, and It resembles a syringe. We steeped water and ground coffee in it and, by pressing the plunger, forced it out of the chamber.

Aeropress is popular among people due to its versatility and simplicity. Moreover, preparing cold brews with this simple device is super easy. In addition to this, there is vast room to experiment until you find your very own ideal recipe.

Before I tell you my recipe, let me ask you one question: Do you know you can make brews through the Aeropress in two ways? Yes, you can also make your favorite drink through traditional regular and inverted methods.

We all know about the standard method, but the inverted Aeropress brewing method is new to several people.

AeroPress Inverted Brewing Method

  • Take the required amount of room-temperature water.
  • Please set up your Aeropress, and insert the plunger in its chamber.
  • Please set up your Aeropress, and insert the plunger in its chamber.
  • Flip the Aeropress upside down. Do not insert a filter or cap
  • Add ground coffee to the room through a funnel, and remove that funnel.
  • Pour water into the chamber
  • Afterward, steep the coffee as per the time of your recipe
  • Now, add a paper filter to the cap and tightly close the lid on the chamber
  • Place the Aeropress on your cup after flipping the Aeropress so the cover comes down.
  • Press the coffee concentrate into your cup by pressing through the plunger
  • Now, you can dilute it as much with water as you like.

How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew At Home comparison Table

Certainly, here’s a comparison table between making Aeropress cold brew and regular Aeropress coffee at home:

AspectAeropress Cold BrewRegular Aeropress Coffee
IngredientsCoarsely ground coffee, cold waterFinely ground coffee, hot water
Ratio1 cup (8 oz) cold water to 1/3 cup (3 tablespoons) coffee grounds1 cup (8 oz) hot water to 2 tablespoons coffee grounds
Brewing TimeLong steeping time, typically 12-24 hours in the refrigeratorShort brewing time, typically 1-2 minutes
Method1. Add coffee grounds to the Aeropress.
2. Pour cold water over the grounds and stir.
3. Attach the plunger without pushing down to create a seal.
4. Steep in the refrigerator for the recommended time.
5. Plunge to separate the grounds from the liquid. 6. Dilute the concentrate with water, milk, or ice to taste.
1. Place a filter in the Aeropress cap and rinse it with hot water.
2. Add coffee grounds to the Aeropress.
3. Pour hot water (195-205°F or 90-96°C) over the grounds up to your desired level. 4. Stir gently and attach the plunger.
5. Brew for 1-2 minutes. 6. Press the plunger slowly to extract the coffee.
ResultSmooth, less acidic concentrate that’s typically diluted to taste.Full-bodied, concentrated coffee.

This table provides a clear comparison of the key differences between making Aeropress cold brew and regular Aeropress coffee at home.

Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee

Some people usually need clarification about iced coffee and cold brew. They think that both are the names of the same beverage. To explain, you have to brew iced coffee hot and then add chilled water to serve it chilled.

On the other hand, cold brew never comes in contact with hot water. Indeed, the process of cold brewing is done with room-temperature water. Afterward, you need to add cold water to your coffee concentrate. Well, people enjoy cold coffee and cold brew drinks to their fullest.

How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew Step-By-Step Guide

Now, it’s time to share my fantastic recipe for Aeropress cold brew step by step, and I hope you will like it.

Setting up Aeropress

 How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew

First, we need to set up our Aeropress, no matter which cold brew method you follow, regular or inverted. That’s why you should clean it thoroughly and dry it with a kitchen towel.

Secondly, in its cap, we need to place a filter. Indeed, it’s good after placing a perfectly rinsed paper filter in warm water to remove the paper’s taste. Few people also like doubling up or using metal ones.

No doubt, metal ones are great for creating a great body and also for reducing the amount of waste. On the other hand, a paper filter will keep all the oil out and give you a golden cup of brew.

Add Coffee to the Chamber

How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew

We all know that Aeropress is versatile and gives you vast flexibility. As per Alan Adler’s saying:

“AeroPress works well with any coffee… The most popular roast is medium, which I think has the best flavor, but you can decide what you like.” “I currently drink medium-roasted. Before that, it was mostly Guatemala.”

Despite its flexibility, it would help to have sufficient coffee grounds to make a fantastic cold brew drink. The finer the grind, the greater the taste and aroma.

Add 16g of coffee to the chamber for an 8oz serving. Furthermore, you can take a quantity of coffee according to your taste and the concentrate you wish to make. There is a need to focus on the coffee ratio.

Time to Add Water

As per the standard official recipe of AeroPress, a coffee need 175 F’ OR 80’C water to be brewed perfectly. You need to stir a mixture of water and coffee for almost 10 seconds before going to press.

Hey guys, it’s summer, and I am dying from warm weather. Don’t worry; I will not die before sharing my recipe and having a cold brew. Who knows, I will get the energy to live again after having this fantastic cold AeroPress brew.

So, there is no need to take hot water indeed. We will add room-temperature water of about 130g as per my calculations. No doubt, coffee to water ratio is very significant. You guys can also use filtered water. So, add water to grind coffee into the chamber. Stir this mixture for at least one minute to get a flavorful coffee concentrate.

Press Gently

According to the advice of Alan:

” Pressing gently is the fastest press.” Now, I will press gently down the plunger to get my fresh and flavorful coffee concentrate. Moreover, if you feel more resistance, you can pause for a few seconds and again press to get complete extraction of coffee.

After completing the process of cold brewing, now remove the coffee particles and residue from Aeropress and clean your device.

Add Little More Water

How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew

Now, our cold brew coffee concentrate is ready. If you are too tired from life’s bitterness, have this coffee concentrate as it is. Enjoy dude. Ok, joking, don’t be serious, please.

We can add chilled or ice water to our coffee concentrate to make our 237 ml/ 8oz cup of fantastic cold brew. According to Allan Adler, you can also choose room-temperature water as it goes well also.

However, this warm weather forced me to add chilled water to my cold brew. Believe me, dude, and it is outstandingly good in taste and a blessing. It’s a great beverage to get back our lost energy instantly.

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Things You Should Remember

Furthermore, it is essential to remember some things for a better understanding of cold brew beverages.

Step 1:

First of all, you must understand that you have a vast field of experiments. You can use any cold-brew coffee recipe. Alan says, “Try Things even if you don’t expect them to work.

Step 2:

You can use any method or try your recipe to make your ideal cold brew during these hot summer days. However, every way has its pros and cons.

Step 3:

Steeping time is another significant factor that influences your cold brew.

Step 4

Well, in the case of iced coffee, you can use medium-coarse grind coffee, also. Which you usually use for your hot cup of coffee through Aeropress.

Step 5

Another significant thing is grinding coffee beans. Primarily, the coarse grind is used to make a cold brew.Also, European coffee trip also made a video for a perfect cold brew method.


How much coffee do you put in the scoop of Aeropress?

No doubt, the amount of coffee depends on the recipe you follow. But, as per the recommendation of Aeropress, you should add two rounded scoops of ground coffee.

What is the difference between French Press and Aeropress?

The Aeropress coffee maker will quickly make a mellow-flavored coffee cup within just 90 seconds. However, French Press will serve multiple coffee cups by the single-time press. But, it needs near about 5 to 6 minutes.

How do you grind coffee for Aeropress?

You should use a finer grind size of coffee for your Aeropress. The exact grinding level of your coffee depends on the recipe.

Which kind of coffee beans is best for cold brew?

The coffee beans must have a low level of bitterness and acidity to bring the exact flavor of a cold brew. Well, you can use coffee beans, which you are using to make your regular coffee. But then you must dilute it well until you get a tasty cold brew drink.


Aeropress is a famous icon for making coffee. You can make hot coffee and cold brew from it within a minimum time. Now, it’s clear how to make Aeropress cold brew within a minimum period. We need a couple of minutes to prepare the cold brew Aeropress coffee.

Also,, you can store this coffee concentrate in your fridge for about two weeks also. An advantage of using Aeropress for making cold brew is the minimum use of coffee to get an excellent high-class cup of hard brew-style coffee. Moreover, you can use different brewing methods as well.

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