Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon: Which Is Best

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My friends always ridicule me because I am crazy about coffee machines or other equipment. They think I am very picky about coffee. I said you would not understand. It’s just a cup of coffee, whatever type or taste it has. But I feel every sip of my coffee, and I want the best flavor and taste. That’s why I focus on every device included in my coffee-making process.

Do you agree that to get the right espresso shot, a coffee grinder is as essential as an espresso machine? If you guys decide, just like I did, to search for the best coffee grinder available on the market,

Let me share information about the two best high-quality grinders, Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon. Both are famous names in espresso. Due to some differences in specifications and features, they both have benefits and functionality. There is no doubt that they provide enough coffee grounds to follow all brewing methods.

Let’s explore Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Niche Zero and these fantastic products further.

What is Niche Zero?

A father-and-son team (Martin and James Nicholson) launched the Niche Zero, a fantastic coffee grinder. Moreover, it was their first product, and with time, they modified it. It even makes the list of the best home espresso grinders. 

Do you know Niche Zero is famous worldwide as a “consumer” grinder? Now you are wondering what “consumer grinder” means. It means that all components of this grinder are highly professional to give you a pro-level result. However, this product is only for home use.

All coffee lovers, especially me, know that espresso machines are only one segment of the coffee brewing equation. In addition to this, you need high-quality coffee beans and a superb grinder for a perfect espresso shot.

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Who Is Niche Zero For?

Another exciting thing is that Niche Zero is highly suitable for espresso grinding. Moreover, it is possible to use this superb product for coarse grinding. No doubt, the conical burrs can create a problem when you grind coffee beans for a pour-over coffee maker. Due to this, you should have a backup grinder for other brewing methods.

Furthermore, nothing is better than Niche Zero coffee if you are searching for a single-dose grinder. This is the logical reason behind this statement. When you expose coffee beans to air and light, they become stale. If you grind a small amount at a time, then a hopper overloaded with beans doesn’t make sense. 


First of all, a main attraction is its marvelous burrs. Moreover, getting 63 mm hard stainless steel burrs in this price range is a blessing. Usually, this kind of burr is part of expensive grinders. 

I know you are wondering why we are using the word “Zero” with its name. Don’t worry; I was also curious about this. That’s why I discovered that it refers to its grind retention. It has “zero grind retention.”

Grinder retention is the amount of coffee left behind in the grinder’s burs after completing grinding. In other words, it also wastes your coffee and makes your next shot bitter and muddy in taste. 

You will be okay with Niche Zero. Furthermore, it is designed with a patented material that allows all coffee grounds to slide out, and the container collects them. Indeed, an excellent conical burr grinder

In addition to this, it works at zero speed. Sounds like not good? Hey guys, no, it is an advantage of this fantastic grinder. Its low rate decreases the chance of popcorning and enhances the quality of ground coffee.

On the other hand, it is a “Single Dose Grinder.” Got it? No, ok, let me explain more for you. A “Single Dose Grinder” means grinding some coffee beans only for a single session. 


  • Dimensions: 31x21x12 cm
  • Power: 230V, 50Hz (Australian Plug)
  • Grinding Speed: 1.5 g/s fine (espresso), 1.8g/s medium (Chemex), 2.1g/s coarse (French press)
  • Burrs 63 mm Conical Burrs
  • Grinding Capacity 50 grams of coffee
  • Weight 4 Kilograms 

You may also like

  • It has professionally sized stainless steel 63 mm burrs
  • A zero Retention rate means no waste of expensive coffee 
  • Perfectly grinds coffee for your flavorful coffee cup
  • Single Dose Grinder” can crush even a small amount at a time.
  • There is no need to grind more coffee beans than you need at one time.

You may also not like

  • Conical burrs are problematic when grinding for pour-over brewers 
  • It would help if you had a backup grinder, too.
  • Only rub a small amount, suitable for single dosing.

What is a Eureka Mignon?

Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon

In 1920, Aurelio Conti founded the Eureka company, which became famous due to its high-quality coffee grinders. Eureka manufacturers provide grinders for domestic or commercial use and sell kitchen scales, dosing cups, tampers, etc.

Furthermore, Eureka Mignon is exceptionally dedicated to espresso brewing. It will grind beans so that you will feel the next-level taste of an espresso shot after brewing.

In addition to this, guys, you should thank this device for the quality of “No Clumping.” Therefore, you can enjoy acceptable, even, and fluffy coffee grounds. Indeed, a good grinder is for those who think their day will not go well without an espresso shot. 

Who is Eureka Mignon For?

Eureka Mignon Zero must be the right choice when searching for an excellent product for espresso. Moreover, its stepless adjustments will allow you to grind how you want it. Undoubtedly, it will provide you with the perfect grounds for brewing ideal espresso shots.

On the other hand, I will not recommend this grinder if you are using pour-over drip coffee makers. Overall, it is indeed an excellent choice.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I have good news for all early birds. Early risers usually face an issue when they switch on their coffee grinders due to the high noise of the electric grinder. But now, no worries at all. 

We have eureka mignon single dose, a super quiet machine that will not disturb anyone in the early morning. No one will complain about creating disturbances at the start of the day. Every morning will be happy with the perfect cup of delicious coffee.


First, let me tell you that it has superb 55-mm flat burrs made of corrosion-free stainless steel material. Moreover, its stepless adjustment system and electronic time-based dosing are another big hit.

A second fantastic feature is its perfect quietness. Indeed, it is an ideal choice for those having babies or living in shared housing.

As mentioned above, it is a “No Clumping” grinding machine. Moreover, you will get fine and even coffee grounds due to this steel flat burr grinder.

In addition to all this, it will also give you a retention rate near zero. So, there is a very minimal chance of coffee waste. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent grinder that makes coffee bean grinding straightforward.

Despite all these eureka mignon zero review features and specifications, there are better options for pour-over coffee makers.



Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon
  • Power: 260W, 110V
  • Burr speed: 1350 RPM
  • Burrs 55 mm Flat steel Burrs
  • Grinding Capacity 50 grams
  • Weight 12.34 Kilograms 
  • Height 13.87”
  • Width 4.75
  • Depth 5.5
  • Bean hopper capacity

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  • A popular espresso grinder
  • An extreme level of quietness, Indeed best quiet grinder
  •  No wastage of coffee due to the lowest retention rate
  • Perfectly grinds coffee for your flavorful coffee cup
  • Perfect grinding ability due to step-less adjustment system 

You may also Not like

  • No good for pour-over coffee makers
  • Not for single-dose serving

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Niche Zero VS Eureka Mignon | What are the similarities and differences between the two?

We all know that niche zero vs eureka oro are the best coffee grinders for espresso lovers. Both of them are similar to each other. On the other hand, they also show differences. But I am sure you will find both to have fantastic grind quality and usefulness. 

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between them. 

Niche Zero Vs. Eureka Mignon | Similarities

  • Both coffee grinders have a step-less adjustment system
  • Burr material is the steel for both of them
  • Both are not good for a pour-over coffee maker
  • These grinders produce extremely low noise during grinding
  • Ideal products for espresso lovers

Niche Zero Vs. Eureka Mignon | Differences

BrandNiche ZeroEureka Mignon
ColorWhite and BlackAvailable in many colors
Burr Size63 mm55 mm
Burr TypeFlatConical
Bean HopperSingle dose onlyHopper 300 grams
DoseTimed  DoseElectronic Time-based Dosing
Speed72 dbAverage 40 db,  At loudest 73 db

Niche Zero Vs. Eureka Mignon | Which one is Best?

There is no doubt that selecting one of these superb Niche Zero and eureka Oro mignon grinders is a difficult decision. But, selecting any of them depends entirely on your requirements and needs. As per my preference, I recommend Niche Zero, the best single-dosing espresso grinder. It is best for single-dose users. I am one of them because I have to make coffee only for myself.

Indeed, it’s you and your likeness that determine which product you prefer. All these things also depend on your budget. 

In addition to the budget, there are several other things to consider, such as grind settings, bean hopper size, filter settingsnoise level, grind time, and much more. So, always select the product that fulfills your requirements. Moreover, these consumer grinders are not for commercial use, and they are not commercial grinders.


Is the Niche Zero worth $250 more Vs The Eureka Mignon?

The worth of Niche Zero is more than $250—Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon, whatever you choose for your home. You will find them above $500 on the Amazon store.

How to calibrate Niche Zero?

There is no need to worry about calibrating the Niche Zero coffee grinder. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

First of all, Dial clockwise the top Dial until there is no space left for further screwing
Secondly, you should move the black ring of the grind size indicator to calibrate the arrow
Your Niche Zero grinder is fully calibrated. 
Now, move the ring anti-clockwise to get the appropriate grind size
It is ready for single-dose grinding


Conclusion 💭

All coffee lovers are always searching for the best types of equipment and espresso machines. A wide range of descent grinders for consistent grinding is available. It is clear that only an espresso machine can give you an ideal espresso shot.

Niche Zero vs Eureka Mignon is indeed a hard decision to make: choose any one of them. Both of them are famous names in the espresso world and quite expensive grinders as well. Overall, you will find both of them excellent for grinding coffee beans. It’s up to you to is good for you per your requirements.

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