Why Does Coffee Smell Like Weed? Best Tips 2023

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Have you ever wondered why does coffee smell like weed? It is due to the similarity between the aroma of green coffee beans and that of cannabis. Although each comes from a whole plant, they share a similar heady scent.

The smell of cannabis is produced through terpenes, unstable compounds in each flora. When those compounds are heated at some point during roasting, they end up even more stinky and supply an earthy scent similar to weed.

Additionally, if you store your espresso in an airtight container or use a dryer sheet to absorb moisture, the smell could be amplified similarly. So next time you make coffee, take a deep breath and experience its aroma!

What Is The Smell Of Coffee And Weeds?

Coffee and weed are very distinctive substances, but they share one thing in common: a sturdy, distinct odor. While the smell of coffee is frequently related to comfort and relaxation, the smell of weed may be more polarizing.

However, what precisely is the smell of coffee and weed? It concerns the type of coffee beans and the natural compounds present in every substance.

Coffee has a unique flavor profile consisting of notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and even flowers. This taste profile is created using a combination of volatile natural compounds released while brewing espresso.

On the other hand, weed has a strange flavor created by terpenes—organic compounds discovered in flowers—that give off a pungent weed odor. Those two substances may have distinct aromas, but when combined with other strong perfumes like cologne and perfume, the aromas are quite strong.

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Why Does Coffee Smell Like Weed: A Step-By-Step Guide

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Weed

Have you ever wondered why espresso, from time to time, smells like weed? It is a common query from cannabis users to those who have never smoked a bit of cannabis. The answer lies inside the air filter of your expresso maker and can be effortlessly solved with this guide.

This blog submission will explain to readers why their coffee maker can produce a smell of smoke similar to weed after smoking. We will discuss how this occurs and how to prevent it from happening again.

We may even provide recommendations for individuals who need their coffee to smell like weed without having to doubt that they smoked it.

So if you have been curious about why your espresso smells like weed, examine it and find out! The answer to why my coffee smells like weed is “Terpenes, produced by the cannabis plant, are the source of the smell. The aromatic part of the plant’s essential oils comprises these terpenes.

Why Does Starbucks Coffee Smell Like Weed?

Have you ever been puzzled by why Starbucks espresso has a fishy, ammonia-like smell? Well, it’s no longer simply the coffee beans in charge. The truth is that there is a background cannabis smell in the air while you are in a Starbucks shop.

This is because of the burnt or weed-like smell from the brewing method. It’s not simply constrained to Starbucks; many espresso shops have this weed-like smell.

The reason for that is because some of the compounds found in cannabis are also present in roasted coffee beans. This can result in a bitter, burned, or weed-like smell that lingers after smoking or brewing coffee.

So in case you ever notice an unusual smell while entering your neighborhood Starbucks, do not be surprised—it is probably just an aroma from their freshly brewed espresso!

Which Coffee Smells Like Weed?

Coffee and weed can also have a similar odor; however, a few differences may be noticed. Coffee has an alluring aroma created with aromatic compounds like ethanol, methanol, and phenols.

On the other hand, the smell of cannabis or marijuana is made by way of terpenes, which can be natural compounds observed in vegetation. The most common terpene in marijuana is myrcene, which has a musky odor with hints of berry flavors.

Sometimes, the coffee smells like chocolate. So, why does coffee smell like chocolate? The reason needs to be simplified. The darker roast level of the beans, which causes the sugar in them to caramelize during roasting, is partially to blame for this flavor.

The region where your coffee is grown is one of the main determinants of taste. For instance, it’s common to find chocolate notes in some varieties of coffee, especially those produced in lower-altitude areas like South and Central America, Colombia, and Brazil.

What Is The Difference Between Coffee And Weed Smell?

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Weed

The distinction between coffee and weed odors can be noticed while evaluating body sprays or colognes for hospitality merchandise like air fresheners or candles.

Body sprays and colognes tend to have sharper aromas due to their better attention to fragrant compounds, even as accelerator hospitality products tend to have more diffused scents due to their lower concentration.

Which Coffee Smells Like Weed? Nothing can beat the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. What if your coffee smells like marijuana?

While it might not be a pleasant aroma, a few different types of coffee can have this distinct aroma.

Ethiopia and Kenya produce some of the most popular weed-scented coffee varieties. These coffees have an earthy, herbal aroma that is similar to marijuana.

Other varieties, including those from Sumatra and Yemen, can have a similar aroma. Coffees with a more robust flavor profile are more likely to smell like weed. So, if you’re searching for a coffee that smells like weed, try one of the varieties above.

Why Do Coffee Grounds Smell Like Cigarettes Or Urine?

Like any raw ingredient, roasting coffee is volatile and somewhat traumatizing for the beans. As the fibrous bean material burns in the roaster, it emits aromatic byproducts resembling wood, pipe tobacco, leather, cloves, or black pepper.

A dark roast, such as an Espresso, French, Spanish, or Italian roast, will have a distinct toasted flavor that some compare to tar, burnt toast, or cigarette ashes. Because you chose a very dark roast, your coffee may taste bitter.

There are times when your coffee smells like pee, or when your pee smells like coffee. So, why does coffee smell like pee, or is it normal for pee to smell like coffee? Certainly not.

It is not dangerous and does not indicate something is wrong. It could, however, be a sign of coffee addiction.

This is especially true if you have other caffeine overdose symptoms, such as agitation, anxiety, headaches, and nausea. In that case, it might be best to take a break.

What Are Smells That Smell Like Weed?

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Weed

The smell of weed is unmistakable and remarkable. Many people may need to become acquainted with the smell, but those who do may quickly identify it with enjoyment.

A few smells can smell like weed, and knowing what they are lets you perceive them while you come upon them. In this newsletter, we will discuss what varieties smell like weeds and how to differentiate them from the real thing.

  • Candles that are deliberately scented with marijuana.
  • Incense for burning in the dorm.
  • You may have purchased certain flowers, such as the spider flower.
  • There are various types of air fresheners.
  • Some plants naturally have the same odor as weeds, like skunk cabbage.


1. Why Does Starbucks Smell Like Weed?

There is a background cannabis smell in the air while you enter a Starbucks shop. This is because of the burnt or weed-like smell from the brewing method. It’s not simply constrained to Starbucks; many espresso shops have this weed-like smell.

3. Why Does Coffee Taste Like Smoke?

A more carbon-like flavor results from the bean’s fibrous structures losing water content and burning more easily. Even in coffee with a medium or light roast, the cup has a smoky flavor. It will take much rest for this smokiness to go away, and it is almost impossible to do so completely.

4. Why Does Coffee Smell Like Urine?

Roasting most likely produces or releases amines and ammonia. Coffee is great because it has various flavors and complex aromas

5. Why Does My Coffee Smell Like Pee?

Cheaper brand beans quickly oxidize or undergo poor roasting, which results in coffee that smells like ammonia or pee.

6. What Causes Pee To Smell Like Coffee?

The digestive system utilizes coffee’s polyphenols before they are broken down and eliminated in the urine. Consequently, if a person consumes a lot of coffee, their urine may contain enough polyphenols and other coffee compounds. This will give off a coffee-like odor.

7. Why Does Coffee Smell Like Skunk?

The fragrance industry uses furfural mercaptan to create coffee scents. The mercaptans’ molecular structures are comparable, as is evident. Coffee and skunk share the same element, SH (sulfur bonded to hydrogen).


Have you ever wondered why coffee tends to smell like weed? This is a common occurrence and relates to processing and storing coffee beans.

This article discusses why coffee often smells like weed, what causes it, and how to avoid it. At the end of this article, you should better understand why coffee sometimes smells like weed.

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