Caribou Coffee Vs Starbucks: Which Is Better

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Today we will discuss Caribou Coffee Vs Starbucks. Let me take a guess. You are reading this article right now because you are a fan of Starbucks coffee and suddenly stumbled upon the brand you call Caribou coffee chain.

And now you are wondering which is better. There are yet some others here who are wondering why you didn’t come across this brand of coffee earlier. 

And finally, there are the rest of you who are wondering where to head the next time you are looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Well, read on all of you for this article aims to answer all three questions. By the way, which is the question coming from you? 

What Is Caribou Coffee?

This is a kind of coffee that is as old as 1992, and found in more than 800 different locations over the world today. But unlike modern coffee brands, this one comes with a more traditional feel with old fashioned interiors that make the place so special. 

Warm lighting and rugs are what you are going to find here for a pleasant experience as you sip your evening coffee. 

Perhaps you can say that this is the second largest coffee chain over the world, with Starbucks taking the first. Okay, now that we mentioned Starbucks, let us put in a word about these coffee retailers too. 

What Is Starbucks?

This, as you would have seen above, is larger and more popular with more loyal customers among the world’s coffee lovers, and not without reason. 

Found in over 80 countries over the world, these coffee retailers have about 30,000 stores in different locations, and there is probably one in your town and city too. 

This one was founded in the year 1971, which makes it the elder sibling of Caribou, and there has been a sibling rivalry ever since. Starbucks is leading, however, with 10 million customers a day, which makes Caribou nowhere near this rival sibling. 

Caribou Coffee’s Overview

No, the brand is not owned by Starbucks, unlike what someone probably told you. 

The brand is known for its high quality caffeine content along with the variety of flavors and flavor profiles with customizable options, all with beans that are burnt down to a crisp and then used in a variety of drinks. 

While it may not be as popular and successful as the big Starbucks, it still is a brand known by coffee drinkers over the world, at least in the US. 

And then, there are studies that say that the brand is more popular among women, college students and the elite who place more importance on the flavor combination and taste in their cup of coffee rather than just wanting to gulp down a strong drink of coffee. 

The comprehensive menu of coffee blends here can pamper even the most difficult customers. There are seasonal drinks, coffee with hot chocolate flavor, lemon ginger coffee and even some iced coffee for the frozen coffee drinkers. 

Starbucks Overview

One trick that perhaps got Starbucks way ahead of the brand mentioned above is that of online marketing, where the brand has, over the years maintained a consistent presence in the online marketing, reminding coffee drinkers that it is there as their friend. 

Perhaps if on reading this, you are craving for a Starbucks coffee right now, all you have to do is go to a  new tab where you can order one Starbucks coffee for yourself. 

And this is why the brand receives an online visitor every minute unlike Caribou that has more customers walking through its door than browsing the kinds of coffee available on its website. 

Starbucks, you need to share your marketing secrets with Caribou, but then, you definitely won’t do that, will you?.Also,see more about Does Papaya Coffee Increase Breast Size 

What Is The Difference Between Caribou And Starbucks?

One of the biggest differences that you will notice on opening the doors to these two specialty coffee chains is the ambiance.

 While one is fast-paced and noisy with a lot of customers chatting, waiters moving to and fro and the door getting opened almost every minute, the other is more quiet and cozy, the kind of place where you would want to take your date so that the two of you could spend some quiet time together. 

Here conversation can be kept intimate and soft rather than the two of you having to shout to make yourself heard above the crowd so much that in the end, nothing can happen over a cup of coffee. 

And then to know more about the differences, come along with us as we tell you the pros and cons of each, at the end of which you will be an expert at differentiating between these two famous brands of coffee. 

Pros  and Cons  Caribou Coffee?

Here you can be sure that the beans used are of high quality, where every single bean is 100 percent Arabica and roasted in Minneapolis, the hometown of this drink. 

The brand follows the traditional process of French roast, giving importance to every little bean and preventing it from getting too dark and oily. 

So, with all the trouble here, you know that the favorite drink in your hand is fresh and hence refreshing. This is one of the high quality coffee drinks from one of the best coffee companies in the world.

It is healthy but still not a non-caffeinated beverage so mind the amount you drink. And then, there is the fact that Caribou, though not as strong and intense as Starbucks, is known for the many unique flavors of coffee that it comes with.

So, if you are a lover of variety, you sure will enjoy making a choice for the day as you enjoy the warm ambience of the place. This way, every visit to the coffee shop here is going to give you a new relaxed experience and yet without driving a hole in your wallet. To know more, read on. 

Perhaps one more benefit we can add here is that Caribou coffee has a price range that is way cheaper than Stabucks coffee (of course because it is much less popular). So be sure that when you open the door to this coffee store, you won’t be spending as much as you would at Starbucks coffee. 

Now for the downsides, Caribou coffee houses are not to be found everywhere and perhaps this is what has stopped it from getting a name over the world. 

This is a brand of coffee that stays closer to its hometown to serve the people there, with more than half the stores located in the US, and a third of these in MInnesota alone.

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Pros  And Cons Starbucks Coffee

For one, there is no espresso like the Starbucks espresso dark roast, and so Starbucks lovers who come to Caribou have a high chance of missing this most loved form of espresso.

And it is not just the espresso. You see, Starbucks is mainly known for black coffee that is more intense, the kind that you will not find anywhere over the world.

All this combined with the sweetness, steamed milk and bold taste is enough to blow you away, bringing you back the next time you could do with a selection of coffees. 

Finally, let us talk about the quantity. That said, Starbucks is the place you should be heading to if you are looking forward to a nice and tall glass of coffee.

Here you can enjoy the size trenta glass of 31 ounces to sip away for an hour between conversation and selfies. On the downside, you cannot really call these espresso drinks healthy because of the fact that they are high in caffeine.

And then, there are some that say that the beans used here have a poorer quality (which actually shouldn’t matter if the coffee is tasty), which is why some complain about the coffee being stale.

Again, remember the beans being burnt to a crisp? Now the fact is that over roasting beans can destroy the taste of coffee. 

And then, finally there is the fact that the presence of a Starbucks coffee shop poses a huge threat to other local brands of coffee in the area that it comes in, forcing them to come up with competitive prices and other innovative ways to keep their stores alive. 

In the end, we can say that Starbucks as a brand is a good choice for drinkers who like their coffee strong rather than tasty, and interestingly, this is common among most coffee drinkers. 

Caribou Coffee Vs Starbucks(FAQ)

Is Caribou Coffee high in caffeine?

Yes, in fact the brand is known for its intense and strong flavors means that any coffee you buy here is going to be high in caffeine. So, know that this is not a healthy coffee to have everyday but a nice indulgence once in a way. 

Is Starbucks more popular than Caribou Coffee?

No, but Caribou coffee is nevertheless still popular and takes the second place after Starbucks coffee. Perhaps we have the brand itself to blame for its selective locations and small online presence. 

What Does Caribou Coffee Compare To?

This is a kind of coffee that comes with some woody and spicy notes which is why it is so popular for its flavor. You need to try it out for yourself to come up with a description and comparison of the taste. 


Finally we learned Caribou Coffee Vs Starbucks. So, in the end, we can say that both these brands of coffee are pretty decent and the one that you will like depends on what you look for in your daily cup of coffee.

And while for some it is taste, for most it is the amount of caffeine that matters and perhaps this is what gives Starbucks a higher ranking. 

But now that you read up till here, let’s show a little empathy, and so on days when you can do without a strong cup of coffee, why not head to Caribou and enjoy some light and flavorful coffee? 

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