Why Does Coffee Smell Like Poop? Updated 2023

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People all around the world enjoy drinking coffee during the morning hours. However, many question themselves: Why does coffee smell like poop? This is something that takes work to answer.

Being close to the coffee production line may give you an idea of the final product quality. Even though you know more about coffee, you don’t know its absolute smell. Let’s go more into that matter in the following paragraphs.

Reasons Coffee Smells So Bad

The first response to the question of why coffee smells like poop would be the oxidation process. When coffee has sat too much time in the coffee pot, there is a chance it has approached oxygen a lot more. Oxygen molecules and free radicals can interfere and react with the smelling substances in the coffee dilution.

As a result, the excess oxidation makes possible the formation of smelling substances that make coffee smell like poop. Another reason could be the bad coffee quality from the early beginning.

There are several coffee qualities according to the country of origin for coffee. For instance, Ethiopia is one of the countries with the finest coffee quality. In contrast, Brazilian coffee could sometimes smell like poop, especially when it’s low-quality.

What Is the Right Smell of Coffee?

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Poop

The right coffee smell should be profound and sweet. Coffee has a characteristic smell that anyone can identify from miles away. Whenever you ask yourself why coffee smells like poop, you may have lost your smelling precision. That means you may have enough coffee tests during adulthood, and your smelling nerves can no longer identify it.

However, you must know that smelling coffee only after brewing is the proper process. Otherwise, you will always need the right mixture of ingredients to understand and realize what bad-smelling coffee means.Also,see more about Does Papaya Coffee Increase Breast Size

Can Rancid Coffee Make You Sick?

Several studies are showing that rancid coffee can make you sick. That happens because it disrupts the pH balance in your stomach and gut. For instance, when you drink awful coffee, there is no meaning to ask why coffee smells like poop.

This coffee can imbalance the number of good microbes in your gut. That could lead to severe illness, and you can get sick for the rest of the days. It would require antibiotics to feel better and more explicit diet intakes to ensure you return to normal.

Why Does Dark Roast Coffee Smell Bad?

Dark roast coffee has some of the weirdest and heaviest varieties of coffee. Most of them come from Nigeria or other African nations like Somalia. There is an excellent concentration of flavonoids inside these coffee beans. That means they need less roasting and brewing time to give the best possible aromas. 

However, when you keep this coffee in mugs that are there for a long time, you compromise the coffee quality. And that is the main reason that dark roast coffee could smell bad. That does not mean you should abandon dark roast coffee, only that you should be a lot more careful when you brew and store it.

How Do You Stop Coffee From Smelling?

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Poop

The only way to keep coffee from smelling is to consume it immediately after brewing. It will only take some time to finish the proper coffee for breakfast. As a result, it’s a lot better to prepare only the coffee you need for the day and ensure you drink it right away after it comes out of the coffee machine.

To stop coffee from smelling, you could add some artificial flavors after brewing. Many people add caramel or hazelnut syrup to ensure the best possible result in reducing the poop-like coffee smell when it comes time to consume it.

Is Coffee Smelling Like Poop Good To Consume?

No studies show that coffee smelling like poop is not good to consume. However, everyone likes coffee for its smell, and it’s doubtful you can drink a beverage that doesn’t smell right. That’s why many restaurant and bar owners replenish their coffee quantities when they have a direct demand from the client.

It is the only way to ensure their coffee smells better, and they will have no problem consuming it. However, if you have an issue and there is a need to serve coffee smelling like poop, there is no evidence that it could harm people consuming it.

Does Coffee Smelling Like Poop Has to Do With COVID Infection?

Some people may also confuse coffee smelling like poop when they have a COVID infection. As mentioned by scientists, when you have COVID, the smelling nerve endings in your nose are significantly destroyed. As a result, you may have a lower ability to discern smells and aromas.

Many COVID patients have mentioned that coffee smelled like poop for at least six months after infection. So it’s better to run the bad-smelling coffee tests on people who are not COVID-infected patients.Also, see more are-coffee-grounds-good-for-palm-trees

Does Moldy Coffee Smell Like Poop?

Mold can make your coffee smell like poop. That is why you should never leave your coffee in the pot and try to consume it the day after. When mold cells have developed on your coffee surface, there is a chance they make the final product smell like poop.

That is the main issue with consuming moldy products, and you should be very careful when leaving the coffee in the pot unattended for several hours. It is valid in all climates, but especially for the hotter and moisturizer ones, where mold can develop rapidly on the surface of your coffee pot.

Over Roasted Coffee in the Machine Could Smell Like Poop

Other people testify that over-roasted coffee left in the machine could also smell like poop. You notice that only when you finally decide to get a mug and pour some coffee into it. As mentioned above, brewed coffee that stays more than a few hours in the coffee machine could develop some nasty-smelling substances.

As a result, you will have a bad-smelling coffee-like poop that nobody would like to consume, and you could have spoiled your precious money. The solution is to brew only the coffee you need each time, leaving nothing in the machine.

Main Prevention Measures To Have Fresh Coffee Not Smelling Like Poop

Why Does Coffee Smell Like Poop

If you would like to have some handy piece of advice about not having coffee smelling like poop, here are some:

Insist that you clean your coffee machine thoroughly at least once per week. The calc and other salts in the pipes could pass to the coffee when you brew it.

That is why you can have a bad smell to your coffee. By cleaning the machine, you avoid all that mess.Get the best coffee quality for your money. When you want the best-smelling coffee, brewing at the best possible rate is better

If you can’t have a lot, you prefer to buy less coffee but still let it have the right aromas when it gets brewed.Add some flavors to your coffee. Flavorscan cover for the poop smell and get you out of an inconvenient position when you need to serve that coffee to customers or visitors.

Avoid reboiling the coffee in the pot.

 When you reboil coffee that has sat in the pool, you may create poop-smelling substances. You don’t want that for your coffee. Do yourself a favor and brew fresh coffee to get all the aromas and flavors.

May All Coffee Varieties Smell Like Poop?

Not all coffee varieties may smell like poop. Some types, like the Somalian or Nigerian coffee, could smell like poop when you over-roast them. However, most coffee varieties give consumers their full pleasant aromas.

There is no need to avoid certain types. You need to consider the fitting brewing instructions for each variety. Then you should also ensure to consume the coffee fresh when you have fewer chances to create coffee that smells like poop.


Coffee is quite expensive to leave to its fate. As we mentioned above, there are inevitable mistakes you make, and you drink coffee that smells like poop. When you want to consume only the best possible coffee quality, you must have the best raw ingredients.

Then it would help if you kept drinking it fresh, so you better produce only the coffee you are about to drink. It’s the best possible gift you can do to yourself, and expect to have the best possible smelling and tasting results. Coffee is essential for your daily habits, and you better take care of yourself!

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