Can You Put Kefir in Coffee? The Best Guide 2023

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Can you put kefir in coffee? Or can kefir go in coffee? These types of questions come into every individual mind when he thinks about combining kefir, which comes from the fermentation process, with coffee.

This is based on personal choice and each person’s taste buds, whether he likes a simple cup of coffee or coffee with kefir that might give a tangy flavor.

We can call kefir a boost of probiotics that also strengthens digestive health.This can be the best way to add probiotic content to your diet. Before incorporating kefir in coffee, it must be a bit cool, or an individual can use iced coffee.

What Is Kefir Coffee?

This is a combination of two elements: kefir, which is milk that comes from the fermentation process applied to grains and coffee. This beverage has numerous health benefits on the digestive gut. These grains are of yeast and bacteria both.

If we talk about coffee, it is already famous for its excellent flavor and long-lasting effects. This comes as coffee beans, crushed according to each coffee demand and taste.

When these elements are combined, Kefir Coffee is made. This changes the taste of coffee from the traditional one and adds a cream texture. The coffee taste slightly bends towards tanginess.

Many individuals enjoy this unique and refreshing taste as there is a conversion of grain to milk, so individuals dealing with lactose intolerance can also enjoy this combination.

It needs to be remembered that only some people will like this unique pair, as creamy and tangy elements can change the definition of coffee.

How To Put Kefir In Coffee?

Can You Put Kefir in Coffee

Many individuals new to this taste pair ask, ” Can I put kefir in hot tea? Therefore, before adding kefir, He should slightly cool the coffee.

When it is a bit cool, an individual can add kefir and enjoy the flavor of kefir. Another question that hits is, can you put coconut kefir in coffee? So the answer is Yes, it can be added to coffee. Coconut Kefir is also made by fermenting coconut water or milk with kefir grains.

If a person has lactose intolerance, this provides a creamy coconut taste in coffee, so he can ferment coconut water and enjoy kefir flavor. An individual can select a coffee that can be iced, hot, or even cold brewed. As stated above, coffee must be kept cold to preserve yeast and bacteria in kefir.

After that, the kefir amount needs to be added according to the taker’s desire and taste. If the person is new and making this combination for the first time, start by adding a small quantity.

Now blend the coffee so that the kefir is well combined. The person can also add sweeteners, It is ready, and individuals can enjoy this probiotic drink.

How To Drink Kefir?

Suppose a person wants to drink kefir, so it is very simple. Individuals can select the types of kefir, like water or milk kefir.Many flavors of kefir are present in markets and shops, but it can also be homemade by fermenting kefir grains.

There are many ways to have kefir; one of the famous ways is direct consumption of kefir through a bottle that provides a real tangy and creamy taste.

Another way can be adding kefir as a substitute for buttermilk in recipes or mixing it with various vegetables, fruits, and beverages.

How To Use Kefir?

This versatile ingredient can be used in baking and cooking not only by drinking milk kefir and as a refreshing drink. Its tart flavor can provide a tangy and sour taste to cakes and cupcakes, even waffles. 

The unique flavor of kefir can be utilized as a dipping sauce and dressing. The chef needs to be creative while working with this ingredient. It is used as a base in salad recipes. Kefir can be added in various ways; it only depends on the individual which way they want.

Why Not Use Metal With Kefir?

Can You Put Kefir in Coffee

It is always suggested that cooks should avoid using metal elements when working with kefir. The reason behind it is that kefir is acidic, and it can easily react with metals like copper and aluminum. As a result, discoloration and a metallic taste can happen.

Individuals should use non-reactive materials, like plastic or glass, for working with kefir; this material will not react with kefir and hence will sustain the nature of the ingredient.

In addition, in the metal container, bacteria can hide in the scratches, which can further react with kefir and contaminate it. For the best quality of kefir, non-reactive material needs to be used.

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What Is The Best Type Of Kefir To Put In Coffee?

The perfect type of kefir depends upon each preference and diet needs. Some of the best kefir types are listed below.

The Milk Kefir:

This is a traditional kefir. It is made with the fermentation process of cow’s milk and other animals. This gives a tangy flavor to the coffee. This can be the best source of calcium and probiotics.

Water kefir:

This is also known as sugar kefir. This is achieved by fermenting the water in which sugar is added and grains of kefir. As there is no addition of milk, those who have lactose intolerance can also enjoy this. This taste is milder, which means light flavor.

Coconut Kefir: 

If an individual wants a tropical flavor, coconut is the best option. This is done by fermenting coconut milk with grains. This can be the best option for individuals with a dairy-free diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Kefir?

Can You Put Kefir in Coffee

There are numerous health benefits to drinking kefir in daily routine.

It is the source of probiotics, which means providing health to gut micro bacteria and providing help in digestion. Kefir helps in absorbing nutrients. It is known as a booster for the immune system. It helps in avoiding the risk of infections all over the immune system.

It has nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, and protein for a balanced diet. with tangy flavor and also make the body stronger.It helps to make the body healthy to fight diseases. Some studies have shown that it also works as an anti-inflammatory action that helps in improving health.

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Can you put kefir In Coffee(FAQ)

Is kefir good in coffee?

Yes, this has been recognized as the best combination with healthy benefits. It has probiotics and enhances coffee flavor with its tangy flavor and creamy texture. However, it depends on each choice.

What should you not mix with kefir?

It is suggested that mixing kefir with hot liquids can kill that yeast and bacteria, even with ingredients containing strong flavor or a large amount of salt and sweetener. Additions of these things can affect the kefir and its probiotics.

Can I Put Kefir In Hot Tea?

Yes, individuals can add kefir in hot weather. It will provide a tangy and creamy flavor.It should be noted that tea should not be scalding; this much heat can kill the probiotic content, which is present in kefir.

Can I drink Kefir Every Morning?

Yes, drinking kefir in the morning can be beneficial as it is high in probiotic quantity and will make the gut healthy. Your body must have complete nutrients each day.

Why Not Use Metal With Kefir?

It is not suggested to use metal with kefir because this ingredient is acidic and can react with metals, resulting in a metallic taste and can be the reason for harmful substances. Using non-reactive elements like plastic or glass is recommended for sustaining kefir quality.


Kefir with coffee is among the popular beverages that can be enjoyed by adding nutrients to the body. This pair provides various health benefits, from supporting the gut to enhancing immune system function.

It has become famous and gained popularity because of its unique taste and rich history. This coffee is rare and is limited. After going through this article, the question, Can you put kefir in coffee? Or not, it might be crystal clear to you and surely get your answer.

It should be noted that it depends on Individual choice and taste buds how he experiences this coffee taste. It provides probiotics to support the immune system.

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