Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain Weight?

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Coffee is the most beloved beverage in the World. Countless people sip this beverage at the start of their day. Since coffee is considered an energy booster, most people can’t even function without cups of coffee. Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain weight?

However, the question arises: Does coffee with cream and sugar make you gain weight? Coffee can be made with some options, which all have different health benefits. Coffee drinkers must know all of them!

Moreover, it is a totally different story if we talk about coffee with cream and sugar. For instance, if we take a fruit, i.e., a banana, the number of fats and nutrients is different, and when we add artificial sweeteners and milk to it, the number of fats and nutrients changes.

The fruit banana contains eight calories, and the banana shake with sugar contains 220 calories. In the same way, black coffee contains less than five calories, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar has 39 calories.

Talking about coffee, both refined sugar and cream cause weight gain. Read on to know how

Does Sugar in Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain Weight

If we talk about the sugar content in coffee, it is the most weight gain. Like, while trying to lose weight, people avoid coffee with sugar and switch to black coffee since sugar and cream add extra calories to the cup.

This makes this healthy beverage a harmful drink for people due to its addition of different calorie content. So, people should limit their coffee intake or avoid sugary coffee to achieve their weight loss goal and maintain good health.

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Does Coffee With Cream Make You Gain Weight?

Just like the sugar in coffee, coffee with cream is way more unhealthy. YES, the milk and creamer are the real offenders. The cream content adds a lot of calories to a cup of coffee.

Although there are different kinds of creamer, they all contain hundreds of calories that are too much for a cup of coffee. If you’re a regular coffee drinker taking your daily coffee with creamer and sugar, you take in 4000+ calories a month! Which is way too much for your weight loss journey.

Don’t worry; you can still add sugar-free creamers to your coffee. Just make sure not to compromise your health.

Reasons Your Coffee Is Making You Gain Weight

Adding Sweeteners, Creamers, and Milk to Your Coffee

Plain coffee has been shown to aid in weight loss, but the additional ingredients of sugar, cream, and milk contribute to an increase in calorie intake.

A Large Amount of Caffeine Intake

Not only sugar and milk but a large amount of caffeine consumption also contribute to gaining weight.

Intake of Flavored Coffee

Flavors of coffee like caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, cinnamon, and many others also harm the human body. These flavors are for taste and not for nutrition.

Addition of Whipped Cream

Some people like whipped cream over a cup of coffee. It not only enhances the taste but adds a large number of calories to the coffee.

Drinking Coffee From the Coffee Shop

There is no doubt that coffee shops make the most delicious coffee, but you can’t imagine the number of calories they add to it unless you ask them to make it calorie-free.

Health Benefits of Coffee

A cup of coffee can benefit a human in many ways. All you need to do is take the right amount of caffeine. A large amount of caffeine consumption is not suitable for health.

However, the ideal dose for caffeine consumption while you are on a weight-loss journey is less than 400 mg per day.

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Here are the health benefits of coffee;

Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain Weight
  • Coffee decreases the risk of specific conditions and diseases, i.e., Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cancer, and more.
  • Health experts suggest that a cup of coffee can lower women’s risk of developing stroke.
  • According to the research, coffee drinkers have less chance of developing colon cancer than the ones who do not consume enough caffeine in their daily routine.
  • Coffee protects the liver, be it decaf or regular coffee; both provide a protective shield for your liver.
  • Moreover, coffee lovers will never have Parkinson’s disease, research suggests.
  • Coffee consumed with the frequency of 2 cups per day also maintains the blood sugar level.
  • Coffee consumption increases the activity level and increases stamina. Black coffee before the workout does wonders.
  • Daily coffee intake lower the risk of developing heart disease.
  • By reading all of the benefits mentioned above coffee, we can say that coffee drinkers could live longer and be safe from many diseases.

Should I Stop Drinking Coffee to Gain Weight?

Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain Weight

Of course not; remember, coffee doesn’t cause weight gain; adding sugar, creamers, and milk makes it an unhealthy beverage. So, coffee fans, you do not need to compromise on your coffee cravings to lose weight. Choose the right combination to balance your daily calorie intake.

Does Coffee With Cream And Sugar Make You Gain Weight(FAQ)

Is it wrong to put cream and sugar in your coffee?

It is okay to put cream in a cup of coffee. It is suitable for the taste buds but can be harmful if you take it daily. Take plain or black coffee every morning if you want to gain weight loss goals.

Does coffee with cream cause weight gain?

Yes, it does cause weight gain. Black coffee contains less than five calories, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar has 100+ calories. An increase in daily calorie intake causes weight gain.

Does milk coffee increase weight?

Intake of milk aids in weight loss, but mixing it with coffee is not a good idea. Yes, too much milk in a cup of coffee increase weight. Plain coffee brewed in water only helps with metabolism and enhances energy without adversely affecting health.

Is it reasonable to drink coffee with sugar?

No, drinking coffee with sugar added to it is not healthy. A spoonful of sugar in 8 ounces of coffee contains almost 15 calories. So, excessive coffee intake can lead to unwanted weight gain. If you want to make your cup of coffee a healthy beverage, reduce sugar.

How can I drink coffee without gaining weight?

You can add some almond, coconut, or oat milk to the cup of coffee. Also, sprinkling a pinch of cinnamon over the cup halts the weight gain. You can also use low-calorie sweeteners and non-dairy creamers.

Does milk cream increase weight?

Yes, it does, but you must not compromise on your taste buds. You can still use non-dairy creamers. Moreover, if you aim to achieve a big goal, you should opt for whole milk instead of creamers.


A cup of coffee with sugar and cream causes weight gain. Black coffee contains less than five calories, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar has 39 calories.

This makes it clear that an excessive amount of coffee with sugar and cream is not suitable for health, but still, it has healthier alternatives that aid in losing weight.

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