Can Mormons Drink Decaf Coffee? Best Tips 2023

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Coffee has become a regular part of people’s daily lives, but it is somehow prohibited in Mormonism for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is probably forbidden due to the excessive amount of caffeine in it. So “Can Mormons drink decaf coffee.”

This question sounds like taking tea without sugar. Coffee is coffee, with caffeine or without caffeine. Despite its use for millennia, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has always discouraged taking caffeine. The church leaders also troll Mormons if they enter the church drinking coffee.

That’s why Many people and the news media frequently misrepresent the Church’s views on caffeine consumption. But here we go deeply to examine it perfectly.

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What Do Mormons Drink?

Does Whataburger Have Iced Coffee

The Word of Wisdom teaches Mormons not to take “ hot drinks” like caffeinated beverages, hot tea, and illegal drugs; instead, they should take herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, and rooibos, as these drinks do not contain caffeine.

These drinks might be forbidden because they are unsuitable for healthy sleep and make the human brain more addicted. In addition, Mormons may also consume hot cocoa, milk, and various decaffeinated drinks or soft drinks.

The focus on spiritual and physical health is integral to Mormons’ lifestyle. While they do not drink coffee, they have a variety of alternative beverages that they can choose from.

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What can Mormons not eat

Dietary law, fasting, and sacrament bread are essential aspects of this practice. It is advised to consume fruit according to the season and to limit meat intake. Grain, particularly wheat, is highly recommended as it is essential for sustenance. The scripture explicitly forbids the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and “hot drinks” such as coffee and tea.

What Happens if a Mormon Drinks Coffee

There is no general prohibition in the Mormon church against drinking caffeinated sodas. The Word of Wisdom advises against consuming “hot drinks,” which include coffee and tea. Church leaders have clarified this stance.

How Come Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee?

Mormons abide by the health code called the Word of Wisdom. It was received by the church founder, Joseph Smith, in 1833 and contained all the rules about what Mormons should and shouldn’t do.

Mormons consider it a responsibility to follow the word of wisdom, as it gives God’s counsel on how to live a healthy life. They believe that the Word of Wisdom brings happiness and prosperity to their lives.

While some may see abstinence from coffee as a restriction, Mormons view it as a way to live a healthier and happier life free from harmful substances.

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Do Young Mormons Drink Coffee?

The consumption of coffee often sparks discussion within the Mormon community, as the official doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not permit caffeinated beverages.

But more than 25% of young Mormons don’t follow this due to the age of modernism and Casinos. There may be many other different reasons behind this.

Some young Mormons may be unaware of the Church’s position on coffee or interpret the Word of Wisdom differently. Others may enjoy the taste and struggle with the strict dietary guidelines imposed by the Church but choose to rebel by drinking coffee and other prohibited beverages.

Regardless of all the reasons, following the church’s policies and drinking decaffeinated coffee is essential.

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Why Can’t Mormons Drink Coffee?

Mormons Drink Decaf Coffee

This restriction is based on the doctrine conducted by Prophet Joseph Smith. He advised the church members to abstain from harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee consumption, drugs, and hot beverages and encouraged them to care for their bodies.

While the Word of Wisdom does not explicitly mention coffee or tea, it does state that “hot drinks are not for the body or belly.” Church leaders have interpreted this to mean that any beverage containing a large amount of caffeine is not allowed, as is any caffeine-containing beverage that is not herbal.

This is why church members drink decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea and avoid other strong drinks. The reason behind this restriction is based on more than just a strict health code. Instead, it can be seen as a way to set church members apart from the rest of society.

Why can Mormons Drink Soda but not Coffee?

Mormons can drink soda but are not allowed to take alcoholic drinks. This is because coffee contains caffeine, a strong drink that can potentially have adverse health effects. However, they can drink some coffee substitutes, such as herbal teas or hot chocolate.

Consuming cold brews may be permissible, but it is essential to remember the potential health risks associated with excessive caffeine consumption. Church officials have also emphasized the importance of adhering to this teaching.

It is ultimately a matter of faith and respect for the church’s instructions to avoid such caffeinated drinks.

Mormons believe that following these guidelines can help them live a more fulfilling and righteous life, and they see it as a way to honor God and show gratitude for the blessings they have received.

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Why do Mormons Not Drink Tea or Coffee?

Mormons do not consume tea or coffee as part of their religious beliefs. This restriction is based on the church’s revelation, as the church spokesman clearly said that this restriction applies to hot coffee or tea, not soft drinks or decaffeinated coffee.

But individual churches may vary in their interpretation of this rule. This prohibition against tea and coffee aligns with the church’s emphasis on healthy food, which they consider a special gift from God.

Some Mormons may wonder whether they can drink decaf coffee as a substitute for regular coffee. While there is no official church policy on decaf coffee, many Mormons choose to avoid it due to its association with coffee and the potential for addiction to caffeine. However, this is ultimately a personal decision left up to the individual.

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Why Can’t the Members of the LDS Church Drink Iced Tea?

Mormons Drink Decaf Coffee 1

One of the main substances that LDS church members avoid taking is iced tea. So, can LDS drink decaf coffee? The answer is no. The members of LDS are not allowed to take hot drinks or even decaffeinated coffee.

Instead, they are allowed to drink soft drinks like Mountain Dew. What happens if a Mormon drinks coffee? Technically, it’s considered a violation of the Word of Wisdom, which can result in disciplinary action by the church.

However, the church does not actively monitor or police its members’ adherence to the Word of Wisdom. Instead, it relies on individual members to voluntarily abstain from prohibited substances.

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Can Mormons Drink Decaf Coffee? (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is Mormon Coffee?

“Mormon coffee” is a term used to refer to hot beverages that members of the LDS Church consume as a substitute for coffee and tea. These beverages typically do not contain caffeine and are made from ingredients allowed under the Word of Wisdom.

Common examples of Mormon coffee substitutes include herbal tea, Postum (a roasted grain beverage), and hot cocoa.

Can Mormons Drink Caffeine or Not?

There is no official doctrine or rule that prohibits Mormons from consuming caffeine. While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) once advised against drinking coffee and tea, it has never explicitly banned caffeine as a substance

As such, the decision to consume caffeinated beverages such as soda, energy drinks, or coffee is left up to individual members and their beliefs.

Are LDS Allowed To Drink Coffee?

The LDS Church advises against consuming coffee and tea as part of the Word of Wisdom, a health code outlined in Doctrine and Covenants Section 89.

However, the Word of Wisdom does not explicitly ban caffeine, and some Mormons choose to consume coffee as part of their personal beliefs. Ultimately, the decision to drink coffee or not is a personal one that is left up to the individual.


Finally, we learned that can Mormons drink decaf coffee. Mormons can drink decaf coffee, as the Code of Wisdom restricts harmful beverages. The LDS Church encourages a healthy lifestyle and avoiding addictive substances.

There is no official rule about caffeine, so people have to decide if they want to have it. The goal is to keep people healthy and happy and bring peace to society. Today’s prophets stress the need for nutritious food and a quiet setting.

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