Best Scale For Coffee Review & Guide 2023

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Today we will discuss best scale for coffee.Coffee brewing is a complex process requiring precise volume and density measurements. Different coffees have varying density levels due to farming conditions and the variety of coffee trees.

This variance in weight is crucial for extracting the sweetest and most balanced flavours. Coffee scales are not just for weighing coffee ratio but also for measuring the amount of brew water.

Placing the entire pour-over rig onto a scale changed coffee brewing by allowing an immediate and accurate coffee-to-water brew ratio. The best scale for coffee brewing must have a 1-gram resolution, a built-in timer, rechargeable batteries, and other advanced features like Bluetooth and auto-shutoff.

What Qualities Should A Digital Coffee Scale Have?

There are several gram scales available for coffee brewing. Here are some qualities I recommend searching for:

  • gram and ounce measurements
  • The capacity of 1,000-2,000 grams
  • Quick reaction time
  • big enough to hold a French press or a big mug as a measuring platform

Consider accuracy, responsiveness, compact size, and design when purchasing coffee scales. Accuracy is essential for accurate espresso shots and brews, while responsiveness relates to how long the scale takes to detect a weight change.

The Acaia Pearl has the best reactivity, as measured by grams change on the scale after the pour is stopped. Size also matters since it decides whether the brewing technique matches your preferred coffee machine.

For example, if you mainly drink espresso, a little scale should fit into the drip tray, but a more prominent and sturdier scale should be sufficient for carrying a Chemex. If you travel regularly, a tiny and long-lasting lunar scale is recommended.

The modern design characteristics include built-in timers, auto-off functionality, a water-resistant structure, Bluetooth connection, and batteries. Built-in timers let you monitor the brewing process, fine-tune your method, and produce better cups.

Auto-off features extend the life of the scale, mainly if batteries power it. Pour-over or French press usage requires a water-resistant design. Users may use Bluetooth to monitor brew methods, research recipes, and connect with other coffee enthusiasts. Regular AAA batteries or rechargeable scales may be used. Also,see more about Best Coffee For Percolator

How To Make Espresso with A Scale?

Step 1:

Take your empty (and dry) portafilter on the scale.

Step 2:

Weigh about 18 grams for a double basket or 20 grams for a treble basket for a single dose. Fill the empty hopper halfway with whole beans and grind. For timed dosing, manually grind into your portafilter until the chores fill the basket and start peeking over the rim.

Weigh your portafilter again to ensure you have the correct dosage for that basket size – 14g for a single basket, 18g for a double, and 20g for a triple. To obtain this dosage, adjust the grinds as needed. Keep track of your time grinding to calibrate your timed dosage setting.

Step 3:

Tamp the grinds and insert the portafilter into the group head of your machine.

Step 4:

Take the cup into which you will draw your shot and set it on the drip tray. Take note of the weight of your liquid espresso and the moment you stop your coffee shot.

The brew ratio and shot duration may significantly influence the flavour of your coffee. We suggest Beginning with a 1:1.5 brew ratio (for example, a 20g dosage and a 30g shot of espresso) and aiming for 25 to 30 seconds shot times.

Why Should You Use A Scale While Making Coffee?

  1. To customize your coffee, use a scale to measure your coffee beans and water at home correctly.
  2. Brewing great coffee at home requires using the proper materials and procedures. 
  3. Using a scale when brewing method may significantly enhance the quality of your coffee.
  4. Find a digital scale that measures grams and minimizes counter space for outstanding results.

Ten Best Cofee Scales Reviews:

01.Hario V60 Drip Coffee Pour Over Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

You’ve undoubtedly seen the Hario V60 in action if you’ve ever gone to a premium coffee setup. This popular pour-over drip scale is from Japan. But does it live up to the hype, and should you get one? We looked into it. What were the findings of our investigation? The V60 is well-organized, durable, easy to use, and clean.

Furthermore, the coffee it produces is lovely, transparent, and smooth. Moreover, you may choose from five high-quality fabrics, and the pricing is fair!

Its simple design, simplicity of use, and dependability have ensured that, although it is no longer extended number one, it is still a coffee scale you can rely on.Also see more about How Many Mg Of Caffeine In A Cup Of Coffee


  • Dual display for time and quantity.
  • Exact to 0.1 grams under 200 grams.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The auto-off feature is deactivated.
  •  There’s no timer button.


  • Only available in grams.
  • Precision varies.

02.OXO BREW 6 Lb. Precision Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

The Oxo Precision Scale and Timer can add precision to your morning cup. The Oxo scale was designed with coffee brewing in mind, featuring 0.1g precision, a built-in 10-minute timer, and a silicone heat insulator ideal for cradling your Chemex or V60 and cup.

The Oxo scale is more than a one-trick pony; its significant and perfect size, 6-pound maximum capacity, and different measurement units make it a tool you’ll want to use for everyday culinary tasks like baking.


  • 0.1g ideal precision.
  • 0. 5 g to 1-gram intervals.
  • In grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms.
  • Up to 6 pound/3 kilograms.
  • Integrated timer.


03.Etekcity Food Kitchen Coffee Scale with Bowl:

Best Scale For Coffee

This digital scale includes a simple, clean, removable bowl with distinctive dual increments. The client further said the scale could only be used for essential weighing. Other consumers praised the machine’s speed and found the functions simple to operate.

Although the included tray was worthless, the device is a low-cost solution for measuring ingredients.This scale contains a backlit LCD that lasts 30 seconds for reading and an auto-off mode that allows the scale to switch off after 2 minutes to preserve battery life. Purchase with confidence:

The food-grade stainless steel weighing platform is entirely safe. Our CX team in Anaheim, California, is standing by to answer any questions you may have concerning your kitchen scale.


  • Detachable bowl
  • Easy to clean bowl.
  • Dual increments.
  • Accurate measurements
  • In ounces and grams.
  • An easy-to-read display.


  • Ineffective for measuring tiny quantities.
  • The auto-off mechanism is speedy.

04.Escali Versi Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

The Versi Coffee Scale by Escali is a high-capacity digital scale intended for the perfect brewing of tea and coffee. It boasts four pre-programmed settings, a sleek black appearance, and a silicone mat cover for simple cleaning.

The scale is simple to use with its bright LED display and touch-sensitive button. Its rechargeable battery with battery indicator lasts for 16 hours of continuous operation. The Escali Versi Coffee Scale is excellent for home use or gifting.


  • Black appearance.
  • Easy-clean silicone cover.
  • Ideal for coffee and tea enthusiasts
  • There are four pre-set modes:
  • Fully automated PR1 pour-over mode.
  • An automatic timer feature.
  • PR2 Manual mode.


  • No ounces, just grams.
  • React significantly quicker.
  • Cheaper scale

05.Bodum Bistro Digital Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

The BISTRO Barista Scale is the way to go if you want coffee perfection. Home baristas who are savvy know that the secret to superb-tasting coffee is measuring the correct amount of coffee and water and brewing for the optimal period. This smart kitchen scale combines both for consistently excellent coffee.

 You can weigh your coffee grinds and water before brewing, and the built-in timer flashes after four minutes to indicate that your coffee is ready to enjoy. These fantastic digital scales are a terrific present for coffee enthusiasts and can also be used for cooking and baking.


  • Regular kitchen scales.
  • Digital LCD and timers.
  • Silicone cushion pad.
  • Battery powered.
  • Tenth of a gram to 5kg.
  • Elegant black and red colour scheme.


  • Batteries are included.
  • The timer is manual.
  • The tire function is manual.

06.Chef’n Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

Take a look! It’s never been simpler to make French press and pour over coffee. This ground coffee smart scale comes with pre-programmed recipes and a timer to ensure the optimum coffee bloom every time.

Chef’n Coffeehouse is immersed in the handmade coffee grounds tradition of our hometown of Seattle. It is intended to be a tasteful approach to form and function, to add flavour and pleasure to the home brewing of specialty coffee.

With this Chef’n Scale, you can achieve the accuracy and consistency required for artisan coffee making. A built-in guide suggests weights for pour-over and French press brewing. The sleek, compact scale takes up little counter space and conveniently fits in a drawer.


  • Integrated recipe book.
  • Angled front display.
  • Backlit LCD screen.
  • easy-to-read display.
  • Timed alarm.


  • Slow at low weights
  • The power button is touchy.

07. Acaia Black Pearl Laboratory Grade Digital Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

Meet the reinvented version of the award-winning Acaia Pearl. It contains all of the traditional and excellent features that people like. This time, with an even more minimalist design to make coffee a precise, joyful, and easy experience,

With the real-time flow rate meter and different settings, you can take your pour-over abilities to the next level. Instead, keep it simple, monitoring weight and brew time—the selection is yours, and the options are unlimited.

The Acaia pearl scale is well-known for its precision. Precision is significant because coffee brewing requires accuracy. Bluetooth connectivity may be handy for monitoring the brewing process. The built-in timer is a beautiful feature for coffee enthusiasts looking to make the ideal cup of coffee.


  • Accuracy.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Cheapest coffee scales
  • Difficult to use

08. Greater Goods Digital Accurate Coffee Scale:

Best Scale For Coffee

It is a premium coffee scale with a high-quality design, perfect for pour-overs or kitchen use. It weighs the weight of any French press or pour-over, offers six different units of measurement, and has a real-time refresh rate.

The scale is designed to be simple and stylish, with a high-contrast screen for weight and a bright orange timer. It also features an indentation for wall hanging. The scale comes with a friendly St. Louis-based team for customer support.


  • precise measurements,
  • Six units of measure,
  • Silicone cover for protection.
  • Premium features
  • Affordable scale at a moderate price,
  • Balanced pour-over


  • An automatic timer is difficult-to-use
  • A power converter is required.

09. Coffee Scale MiiCoffee Nano

Best Scale For Coffee

It is brand new and comes with all the original components and packaging. It should only be used once or twice. It has been thoroughly tested and has passed our approved procedure. We provide a full-year warranty, just like new equipment.

The MiiCoffee Scale is small enough to fit in your hand and is compatible with most espresso coffee machines. It provides split-second readings in 0.1-gram increments for measures up to 3 pounds. It has an integrated timer that has been tuned for pour-over coffee.

The small scale has an unseen LED screen and a concealed touch control. It may be used to weigh sourdough starter components, measure a precise amount of almonds, and more. It also weighs in grams, ounces, and milliliters. It will auto-shut off to preserve battery life and has a smooth, flat surface that wipes clean.


  • Fantastic accuracy.
  • Convenience.
  • Elegant structure.
  • Effectively tares cup weight.


  • Made of low-cost plastic
  • Non-durable

10. kitchentour coffee scale

Best Scale For Coffee

This coffee scale is a sophisticated kitchen tool that measures coffee and other culinary materials from 0.3 grams to 3 kilos. It does not need a separate scale and runs on batteries, which power off automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity, providing a battery life of around half a year.


  • Switching between units.
  • Accurate result.
  • Measure solids, powders, or liquids.
  • A silicone platform cushion
  • Non-skid bottoms help to avoid spills.


  • The auto-off option may need more time.

Coffee Scales Buyer’s Guide:

Due to the choices and factors accessible, many people struggle to discover the best scale for coffee beans. Consider the following aspects when selecting a scale to make the process easier:

Measurements and weights:

A scale with tiny increments is perfect because coffee is light. For balancing heavy-duty coffee machines, a scale with a maximum weight capacity of roughly 1kg is suitable.

Tare Function:

A tare button is required for exact coffee or water measurements. This button resets the scale to zero, guaranteeing precise readings.

A small grind size is appropriate for espresso brewing, while a more significant scale is appropriate for pour-over coffee.

Power Source:

A battery-powered model may be appropriate for occasional coffee brewing, but it may wear out fast, making a rechargeable battery-powered model a preferable option for regular coffee consumption.

Best Scale For Coffee( FAQs)

How Should the Scale Be Charged?

Please ensure that the scale is turned on. Use a USB charger with a 5V/1A output.

How Can I Switch Between PR1 And PR2 Modes?

Tap the time button twice (4 times).

How Much Coffee Should I Use When Brewing?

One gram of coffee for 15–18 grams of water is recommended for drip, pour-over, and French press coffee but not for espresso, which requires 7-9 grams of finely ground coffee per shot.

Do You Need A Scale To Make Pour-Over Coffee?

A scale is not mandatory for pour-over coffee. Still, it allows for experimentation with coffee-to-water ratios and a more consistent cup, eliminating the need to guess the amount of coffee and water each time.


The best scale for coffee for Aeropress can be predicted by relating your requirements to the durability and features of a specific scale. The Kitchentour coffee scale is another excellent option, particularly if you need a scale and are on a tight budget. It’ll get the job done.

Finally, the Acaia Pearl is fast, but the costly price is difficult to justify. There are many expensive scales explicitly made for espresso. The Acaia Pearl and Timemore Black Mirror are excellent espresso scales. They are precise and have uses that make them ideal as espresso coffee scales.

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