Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket:A Formal Analysis”2023

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Lets we discuss Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket .It has been long assumed that ridged baskets and ridgeless ones perform the same in espresso. We’ll compare a basket with ridges vs. one without. The ridge filter basket’s ridge can be distinguished from ridgeless by the indentation around the entire circumference.

The ridge knocks out the removed pucks while keeping the basket firmly in place in the portafilter. The metal spring that holds the filter basket in place.

What is a Ridge vs. Ridgeless Basket?

In espresso machines, the terms “ridge” and “ridgeless” baskets refer to the design of filter baskets in the portafilter. A ridge basket has ridges along the inner surface to support and stabilize the coffee puck during tamping.

This ensures a consistent flow of water through the coffee grounds. On the other hand, a ridgeless basket has a smooth surface and is favored by baristas who believe it allows for easier puck removal.

Some argue that the absence of ridges reduces the chances of the puck sticking to the basket, making removing the used coffee grounds more straightforward.

Here’s a comparison table between ridge and ridgeless coffee baskets, particularly in the context of espresso brewing:

Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket Comparison Table

FeatureRidge BasketRidgeless Basket
Puck StabilityProvides stability due to internal ridgesGenerally lacks ridges, potentially making puck removal easier
Even ExtractionHelps create a consistent flow of water through coffee groundsMay require slightly more attention to distribution for even extraction
Puck RemovalPuck may stick to ridges, requiring a bit more effort to removeGenerally easier puck removal due to the smooth interior
CleaningMay be slightly more challenging to clean due to ridgesGenerally easier to clean, as there are no ridges for coffee grounds to get trapped
User PreferenceSome baristas prefer the stability provided by ridgesSome prefer the ease of use and cleaning associated with ridgeless baskets
Tamping ConsiderationsRidges help guide the tamper for an even tampRequires careful tamping to ensure an even surface without the guidance of ridges
CompatibilityCommonly found in traditional portafilter designsIncreasingly popular, available in various sizes and compatible with many espresso machines

What’s The difference Between Ridged And Ridgeless Baskets?

Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket

The risk of a ridgeless basket being accidentally knocked from the portafilter is always present. This rarely occurs in practice if the portafilter is knocked dead center onto the knock box/tube, and you come to a complete halt.

Despite this disadvantage, ridgeless bowls can knock out pucks much more efficiently than ridge ones. After knocking pucks off, ridged baskets collect old coffee grounds in the ridge area.

The side wall of ridged filter baskets has a slot the portafilter spring can latch into. This helps to keep the basket firmly in place. Ridged or ridgeless baskets are smooth and require a more powerful spring to hold them when removing the spent coffee pucks.

The quality of espresso will not be affected by using rigid or non-rigid filter baskets. Both serve the same purpose, and both have advantages and disadvantages.

Filter Baskets: Single, Double, And Triple

The name refers to the number of espresso shots you can make, usually between one and two. The bigger the basket is, the more espresso can be made. One espresso can be prepared with a basket that holds between 7 and 12 grams of ground coffee.

The basket with the funnel shape is usually paired with a portafilter that has a single spouse. Single filter baskets are distinguished by their funnel-shaped shape. Double baskets are generally between 14 to 21 grams. Double basket walls are typically straight or have a slight taper inward.

Filter Baskets With Twin Walls That Are Pressurized

Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket

Dual wall is the name given to a basket with a false bottom. The wall above is different from the one below. Dual-wall filters are only available in home espresso machines. They allow users to use pre-ground beans and make fake crema.

The coffee is pressed through the pinhole at the bottom of a second fake wall. Dual-wall baskets can be easily identified and should be thrown away! You’ll be grateful for the single-walled baskets if you use a burr grinder to grind your coffee regularly.

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Filter Baskets With High Precision

Precision filter baskets all have filtration holes of the same size. Filter baskets that are made using standard production methods can have varying diameters or, even worse, filter holes that are partially or fully clogged. These flaws can affect extraction, leading to inconsistent and under-extracted coffee.

Some precision filtering baskets are more extensive than 58 mm, like the IMS E&B Lab baskets used at The Espresso school. Many companies, such as IMS, VST, and Pullman, make precision filter baskets.

Filter basket with A straight wall Vs one with A Tapered wall.

A basket with more than 21 grams is called a “triple basket”. There is not much difference between the double and triple baskets because both are used to make double espressos.

Triple filter baskets may not fit into your portafilter because they are more profound. To accommodate triple filter baskets, you’ll need either a deeper, a naked, or a larger one.

Diameters Of Filter Baskets

You’ll now notice that there are different diameters of filter baskets. Most commercial and high-end domestic/prosumer machines use a 58 mm diameter basket. Baskets larger than 53 mm or smaller than 57 mm are rare.

Most brands use 58mm as their standard size. 57mm is a size that domestic machine makers such as Lelit, Ascaso and others rarely use. 53mm is less common, but La Spaziale and Dalla Corte use it, as do a few lever piston machines, some domestic machines, and others.

So Do I Need A Ridged Or A Ridgeless Basket?

When using a double basket, buy a ridgeless basket. If your baskets have ridges, purchase a spring for them. If you alternate between a double and a single, get a ridgeless basket with a spring and a single basket. It only takes 10 seconds to replace the springs of the portafilter when using one basket. Consider ridged baskets if you frequently exchange double and single baskets.

Coffee can be made faster with dual baskets than single baskets. Make one cup at a time. To make double baskets, use a smooth basket without any ridges or irregularities. This helps prevent channeling. Single baskets only come in ridged versions.

If you plan to use the single basket often, it’s best to buy the double basket. But if you often use single baskets, a ridgeless one may be better despite needing new springs. The spring in your machine now can’t hold a basket without ridges. You should get a new spring.

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How To Determine The Size Capacity Of Your Filter Basket?

You may need to find the exact size of the baskets you are working with. Therefore, you will need to find out the correct dose. How to find out how much coffee a basket can hold is easy.

Just distribute the coffee grinds evenly by sweeping your index finger across the surface of the basket without pressing into the basket. Scrape away any excess coffee using a scraper.

Repeat the technique several times to get a better result. You should be able to tell if the basket is 18 grams or 22 grams. Measure the inside diameter of your tamper using a vernier caliper. You can increase or decrease your dose safely by 1 gram, depending on the basket size.

The scale may show, for example, 17.4 grams, 18,2 grams and 19.0 after three repetitions. It’s safe for you to assume that the basket is 18 grams. You should be able to dose between 17 to 19 grams in the basket without issues.

When To Use Ridged Or Ridgeless Filter Baskets?

We choose ridgeless baskets for some reasons:

Basket diameters above and below a ridge are sometimes different. If the basket below the ridge is smaller, the tamper may bottom out at the ridge. This will result in a puck that needs to be adequately dampened.

If the basket is more giant below the ridge, as it would be with a basket with an innerly formed ridge, the water will quickly find its way out via a ring around the edge of the basket that has been left untouched.

The ridge-pressing process slightly deforms a basket. The basket is more likely to be round if there is no ridge.We’ve seen some pretty ovoid tampers in our time! This can result in less-than-ideal extractions.

A ridge in the puck can create a weak spot allowing peripheral channeling. Tamping the surface below the ridge is less of a problem. However, the finished puck’s character will sometimes be above the edge.

Conveniences of Ridged and Ridgeless Baskets

Both baskets are excellent and evil. We’ll discuss briefly which item is best for you. The ridged baskets fit better in the portafilter. The design helps to distribute coffee grounds and prevents spillage. The basket is ideal for those who want to extract coffee grounds safely and distribute them evenly.

The ridgeless baskets make it easy to eject the puck and even tamp. These baskets are ideal for those who prefer a clean environment when preparing espresso. The simplicity of the design allows you to tamp your coffee grounds quickly.

Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket(FAQs)

Is there a difference between a portafilter for a basket with ridges or one without?

They can be used with the same portafilter. The same portafilter can be used for both baskets.

Can you use both in the same portafilter?

You can use a ridged or ridgeless basket if they are the same size and fit correctly.

Do ridge baskets require more effort to clean?

A ridged basket will trap residue and coffee oils due to its grooves. Cleaning a basket with grooves is more complex than cleaning one without.


Finally we learned Ridge vs Ridgeless Basket .Any change in the basket’s diameter across the basket’s height will cause uneven tamping. This will have a significant impact on how espresso is extracted evenly. This condition is more common when there is a raised ridge.

If you are still trying to decide, you can buy the same style of replacements as you currently have, or you can contact us, and we will be happy to help you find a combination to suit your needs.

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