Is A Frappe A Coffee? Updated Answer 2023

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We beat the heat of summer with a refreshing glass of frappe. But there is controversy about it that Is a Frappe a coffee.

A frappe is a summertime iced drink with a delicious flavor. Instant coffee, cold water, milk, and sugar are the main ingredients of a frappe. However, you can also use juice, tea, or hot chocolate to make a frappe instead of coffee. You can serve frappe in a long glass with whipped cream or sweet sauce toppings.

Let’s solve the mystery of Is a frappe a coffee. In this article, we will also explore the origin and history of a frappe.

What Is A Frappe?

Is A Frappe A Coffee

The word frappe means iced. A frappe is an iced beverage made with coffee. We shake or blend coffee, cold water, milk, and sugar to make a traditional frappe.

But you can make a frappe with your favorite juice, tea, or hot chocolate. Sometimes, frappe is called cold coffee. Usually, cafes serve frappe in a big glass with ice cubes and tempting toppings like whipped cream or ice cream.

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History Of Frappe

The frappe originated in the mid-19th century, when slushy iced drinks became popular. At the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece in 1957, a Nestle representative unconsciously made a frappe while giving a demo to make cold chocolate drinks for children. 

A Nestle employee did not find hot water for coffee during his office break. He shook the coffee grounds with cold water and ice in a shaker.

As a result, he made a unique drink, which is known as frappe today. In Greece, this recipe for frappe is still very famous. Here is a question in mind: Is a frappe a coffee? Coffee is an ingredient in the traditional frappe. So, frappe is not just cold coffee.

Frappe’s Around The World

Is A Frappe A Coffee

Humans are innovative and continuously invent new recipes for everything. It also means there are many recipes to make a frappe. In different countries, you will find different varieties of frappe.

The most exciting thing is that all these variations of frappe are mouth-watering, especially in the hot summer. In Greece, instant coffee, cold water, sugar, and ice are shaken in a cocktail shaker to make a frappe.

In Bulgaria, soda is used to make frappes instead of cold water. In Denmark, milk is used in place of water in a frappe. In Serbia, cafes serve frappe in a tall glass with whipped cream or ice cream as toppings.

You will find the most distinguished type of frappe in Boston. A frappe, known as a frap in Boston, is a milkshake of different ice cream flavors. So, if you are a frappe fan, be ready to enjoy a wide variety of tasteful frappes.

What Is The Difference? Between A Frappe And A Frappuccino?

Is A Frappe A Coffee

It is common for people to mix up a frappe and a frappuccino. But these are different iced drinks. However, their names create confusion in the mind because frappe and frappuccino are the names of the same cold beverage.

A frappe is a delicious mixture of instant coffee, sugar, cold water, and ice cubes. Whipped cream or sweet sauce is used as its topping. A Frappuccino is a delightful combination of coffee, milk, ice, and flavored syrups. 

Key AspectFrappeFrappuccino
Basic IngredientsInstant coffee, sugar, water, and iceCoffee, milk, ice, flavored syrups
TasteClassic coffee flavorSweet and flavored
FlavorLimitedVast variety

How To Make A Frappe

In the summer, there is nothing more refreshing than cold beverages. Iced drinks give you a boost of energy and keep you hydrated.

A frappe is one of these cold beverages. But is a frappe a coffee? Coffee is a main ingredient in frappes. You can drink a frappe in the morning, during office breaks, and in the evening.

A quick and easy recipe for frappe is:

Step 1

Take a container or a blender to shake or blend the ingredients smoothly. 

Step 2

Gather all these ingredients:

  • Instant coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • cold water
  • Sugar
  • Milk

Step 3 

Put all these ingredients in a container or blender. Two teaspoons of instant coffee can make a 12-ounce glass of frappe. Add sugar according to your taste. 

Step 4

Blend or shake all the ingredients to make a thick, foam-like paste.

Step 5

Take a glass and put ice cubes in it. 

Step 6

Pour your cold beverage into the glass. 

Step 7

Add milk or water to the glass to achieve the desired texture. 

Step 8

Insert a straw in the glass and enjoy your homemade, tasty frappe.

Is A Frappe A Coffee? (FAQs)

Is A Frappe A Coffee

Are Frappe Considered Coffee?

Frappes are cold beverages made by blending or shaking different ingredients and ice. The original frappe is a simple combination of coffee with ice and cold water. But you can also use juices or teas to make frappe. You may find different variations of frappe across the world

Is a Frappe Just Cold Coffee?

A frappe is also known as Greek iced coffee. This drink is made by blending instant coffee, cold water, sugar, milk, and ice until smooth. There are different types of frappe. Frappes are made with juice in some countries and tea in others. So, it is not wrong to say that a frappe is not only cold coffee.

Does Frappe Mean No Coffee?

When you examine the history of frappe, you will discover that coffee is a traditional component of a frappe. However, now this tradition has changed. You can now use juices, teas, and hot chocolate to make a delicious glass of frappe.

Is Frappe Without Coffee?

There are different kinds of frappe in the world. A frappe is an iced drink made with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or juices. If you are not a coffee lover, you can still enjoy a frappe made with other ingredients. But, for a coffee fan, a frappe made with coffee is a perfect delight.


A frappe is an icy coffee summer drink with a classic coffee flavor, but is a frappe coffee? The answer to this question is simple. A frappe is not cold coffee. It is a creamy or foam-like coffee drink with ice.

It is a perfect delight for a coffee enthusiast in the summer.  But if you are not a big fan of coffee, you can enjoy a frappe made with fruit juices, teas, and chocolate.

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