Difference Between Crème Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino

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Today we will discuss the difference between creme frappuccino and coffee frappuccino. Frappuccinos are blended iced coffee drinks made popular by Starbucks. There are two main types: creme frappuccinos made with a creamy base and coffee frappuccinos made with a coffee/espresso base. 

While both can be customized with various flavors and toppings, they have distinct differences in their base ingredients, flavor profiles, caffeine content, calorie count, and optimal use cases.

What is a Frappuccino

what is a Frappuccino? The Frappuccino is a coffee beverage that Starbucks created. It is made by blending coffee or a coffee-flavored base with ice and milk to create a smooth and creamy texture. To enhance the taste, people can add different flavors and toppings, like whipped cream or flavored syrups.

The Frappuccino is well-liked because it is refreshing and can be customized to individual preferences.

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What is crème Frappuccino

A Creme Frappuccino is a type of Frappuccino served at Starbucks. It does not contain coffee, unlike the traditional Frappuccino. Instead, it is made with a creme base, ice, and milk blended for a smooth and creamy texture.

Crème Frappuccino’s are available in different flavors, such as vanilla bean, strawberries and cream, or double chocolate chip. Whipped cream is often added as a topping. These beverages are popular for those who prefer a coffee-free or decaffeinated option.

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What Is Coffee Frappuccino

The Coffee Frappuccino is a well-known blended coffee beverage served at Starbucks. It consists of coffee, ice, and milk blended together for a smooth and icy texture.

Customers can personalize their Coffee Frappuccino with flavors like vanilla or caramel, and it is commonly garnished with whipped cream. This beverage offers a refreshing and cold option to savor the taste of coffee, appealing to fans of blended and iced coffee drinks.

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Difference Between Crème Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino comparison Chart

FeatureCrème FrappuccinoCoffee Frappuccino
Base IngredientCreme base (no coffee)Coffee base
Coffee ContentNo coffeeContains coffee
Flavor OptionsVanilla Bean, Strawberries and Creme, etc.Mocha, Caramel, Java Chip, etc.
Caffeine ContentGenerally caffeine-free (except for mocha)Contains caffeine from coffee base
ToppingsWhipped cream, if desiredWhipped cream, if desired
Popular VarietiesVanilla Bean, Strawberries and Creme, etc.Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Frappuccino, etc.
Target AudienceThose seeking a coffee-free or decaf optionCoffee enthusiasts looking for a cold blend
Key CharacteristicsCreamy, sweet, and often fruit-flavoredBlended, coffee-flavored, and refreshing

Main Differences Between Creme And Coffee Frappuccinos

Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino

Base Ingredients

The most fundamental difference between creme and coffee frappuccinos lies in their base ingredients, before adding any extra flavors or customizations.

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme frappuccinos are made with a blend of milk and sweetened cream as the foundational ingredient. The cream base gives the drink a thick, smooth, milkshake-like consistency and a rich, indulgent, dessert-like flavor. 

The creaminess comes from the blended mixture of milk and cream. Often, vanilla syrup is added to the creamy base to give it a sweet, vanilla bean taste. Also, see more about Why Does Coffee Make Me Feel Nauseous All Of A Sudden.

Coffee Frappuccinos

On the other hand, coffee frappuccinos start with a base of coffee, espresso, or a coffee-flavored syrup blended with ice. This gives the frappuccino a strong coffee taste as the predominant flavor.

The coffee, or espresso, provides the signature robust, slightly bitter taste that coffee drinks are known for. The ice blending makes the drink chilled and bubbly, like the creme version, but the flavor profile stems from coffee rather than cream.

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Flavor Profiles

The differing base ingredients produce distinct flavor profiles between creme and coffee frappuccinos.

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme frappuccinos deliver a sweet, milky, dessert-like taste. The creamy base gives the drink a smooth, rich, lactonic flavor, while extra syrups like vanilla or caramel add layers of sweetness. 

Overall, creme frappuccinos have an indulgent, treat-like quality with their velvety texture and sugary flavors. They satisfy cravings for milkshakes or ice cream.

Coffee Frappuccinos

Coffee frappuccinos foreground the bitter, aromatic taste of coffee. Underneath the cold, blended texture, the strong coffee flavor comes through—added syrups like mocha or hazelnut complement rather than overpower the primary coffee taste.

Coffee frappuccinos are less sweet and dessert-like than the creme version – they are more of an iced, blended coffee drink than a fancy, sugary milkshake.

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Caffeine Content

Caffeine levels also differ considerably between the two types of frappuccinos.

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme frappuccinos contain little to no caffeine. The creamy, sugary base ingredients like milk, cream, and vanilla syrup do not naturally contain caffeine.

Some creme frappuccino recipes add a small shot of espresso for a slight caffeine kick, but most are made without coffee or tea. They can generally be consumed in the evening without disrupting sleep patterns.

Coffee Frappuccinos

Coffee frappuccinos derive their caffeine content from the coffee or espresso that forms their base. A standard coffee frappuccino made with a coffee base rather than an espresso will contain around 75mg of caffeine. 

However, versions made with multiple espresso shots can have 150mg of caffeine or more. Coffee frappuccinos provide a bigger jolt of energy and focus compared to the primarily caffeine-free creme version.

Calorie and Sugar Content

Creme and coffee frappuccinos vary significantly in their calorie count and sugar content.

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme frappuccinos are high in calories and sugar because of their creamy, sweet base and mix-in ingredients. Starbucks’s large blended creme frappuccino contains approximately 420 calories and 52 grams of sugar. 

The high amounts of milk, cream, syrups like vanilla, and toppings like whipped cream or caramel drizzle account for these numbers. Creme frappuccinos should be an occasional treat rather than an everyday drink for most people.

Coffee Frappuccinos

Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino

Coffee frappuccinos are significantly lower in calories and sugar than the creme version. A large coffee frappuccino made with nonfat milk contains about 280 calories and 38 grams of sugar. 

While the coffee base is low calorie, adding syrups, toppings, and whole milk or cream will increase the figures. In general, coffee frappuccinos have a more reasonable calorie and sugar profile.

Customization Options

Both creme and coffee frappuccinos allow for flavor personalization with syrups and toppings. However, the customization tends to follow the flavor profile of the base drink.

Creme frappuccinos

Popular mix-ins for creme frappuccinos include caramel, vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut, adding layers of sweetness and complementing the creamy, dessert-like taste. Cookies, chocolate chips, candies, and sugary cake toppings can be blended in too. 

Since the underlying flavor is sweet, the customizations enhance the indulgent, treat-like quality.

Coffee frappuccinos

Coffee frappuccino customizations center around bringing out coffee flavors like mocha sauce, espresso shots, chocolate chips, and coffee-based syrups. 

Mix-ins are chocolatey, nutty, or roasted to pair well with the coffee base rather than overly sweet. The additions enhance the caffeinated, cold coffee drink experience.Also,see more about Does Taking Medicine On An Empty Stomach Mean No Coffee?

Nutritional Differences

In addition to ingredients, creme, and coffee frappuccinos differ significantly in their nutritional profiles:


Creme frappuccinos are higher in calories, often over 400 calories for a large size. Coffee frappuccinos range from 250-300 calories, depending on customizations. The creamy base adds considerable calories.

The milk and cream in creme frappuccinos make them much more saturated with fat than coffee versions made with nonfat milk. Coffee frappuccinos can be relatively low-fat options.


Coffee frappuccinos have more protein from the coffee beans than creme frappuccinos, which have minimal protein. Adding milk to coffee frappuccinos also provides more protein.

Environmental Impacts

The ingredients also contribute to different environmental footprints:

  • Creme frappuccinos have higher carbon emissions from dairy production. The cream and milk use more resources.
  • Coffee beans also have an environmental impact but may be lower than intensive dairy farming. Opting for locally sourced beans helps reduce footprint.
  • Reusable cups, plant-based milk, and minimal customizations can reduce the impact on both drinks.

Price Differences

Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino

Creme and coffee frappuccinos have slightly different price points:

  • Creme frappuccinos are generally a bit cheaper than the coffee alternative at most coffee shops.
  • Simple coffee frappuccinos are affordable, but customized premium versions get expensive.
  • Promotional seasonal frappuccinos often cost more regardless of creme or coffee base.
  • Accessible do-it-yourself versions at home are significantly cheaper than buying out.

Popularity And Recommended Use Cases

Creme and coffee frappuccinos shine in different scenarios based on their taste profile and caffeine content.

Creme Frappuccinos

Creme frappuccinos dominate social media feeds because they are photogenic and indulgent. Their sweet, creamy flavors and textures make them popular choices for dessert or special treats.

 People often enjoy creme frappuccinos as afternoon pick-me-ups or after-dinner desserts rather than coffee drinks. Their lack of caffeine makes them suitable to drink at night. Creme frappuccinos are ideal for those with a sweet tooth craving a luxurious blended dessert beverage.

Coffee Frappuccinos

Coffee frappuccinos are less showy on social media but are popular daily drinks. Their coffee base makes them a cold, energizing caffeine fix at any time of day. 

People enjoy coffee frappuccinos as afternoon or morning coffee drinks rather than solely as dessert. They have more versatility as both sweet treats and functional caffeine sources. The coffee taste appeals to regular coffee drinkers as an iced blended option.

Choosing Between The Two

Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino

In general, creme frappuccinos are better options for dessert indulgence thanks to their sweeter, heavier profile, while coffee frappuccinos work well as iced coffee drinks. Creme frappuccinos satisfy sugary cravings and milkshake or ice cream desires, while coffee frappuccinos deliver an energizing cold coffee experience. 

Most people would choose creme as an occasional dessert and coffee for functional caffeine. Kids or those who don’t drink coffee would prefer creme frappuccinos for the sweet flavors.

Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino(FAQs)

 Are Creme And Coffee Frappuccinos Vegan?

No, creme frappuccinos are not vegan because they contain milk and cream. Coffee frappuccinos can be made vegan using non-dairy milk, but many recipes still use regular milk

Which Frappuccino Has More Sugar?

Creme frappuccinos generally contain significantly more sugar than coffee frappuccinos. A large creme frappuccino can have over 50 grams of sugar from the creamy base and flavor syrups

Is There A Big Difference In Calories Between The Two Drinks?

Yes, there is a significant calorie difference. A large creme frappuccino at Starbucks has around 420 calories, while a large coffee frappuccino has about 280. The creamy ingredients increase calories.

Can You Add Espresso To A Creme Frappuccino?

Yes, many Starbucks creme frappuccinos come with an optional shot of espresso. Adding espresso will give a creme frappuccino a bit of caffeine.

Which Frappuccino Has More Customization Options?

Both cream and coffee frappuccinos can be customized with syrups and toppings. However, creme lends itself to sugary, indulgent customizations like caramel sauce or cake crumbs.


Finally we learned Difference Between Creme Frappuccino And Coffee Frappuccino.Creme and coffee frappuccinos are blended iced coffee drinks, but they have distinct differences in their ingredients, taste, caffeine content, and optimal use cases. 

Creme frappuccinos provide a creamy, sugary dessert profile, while coffee frappuccinos deliver robust coffee flavor with an energizing caffeine kick. Creme frappuccinos satisfy sweet cravings as a special treat, while coffee versions work as iced coffees. 

Both have passionate fans but cater to different desires and scenarios. Understanding the differences allows customers to select their ideal frappuccino experience based on factors like dessert vs. coffee and caffeine content. Frappuccinos remain widespread, with options for all preferences between creme and coffee bases.

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