Cacao Vs Coffee: The Ultimate Showdown of Brewed Delights!

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Today we will discuss Cacao Vs Coffee.Ask the night owls what their boosting drink is! They would surely answer coffee.

Quickly think of an instant energy booster. Voila ‘Caffeine’ in many of your thoughts.

At some point, we all have taken the pleasure of relishing caffeine in coffee form. 

BUT WAIT! Is there any substitute for caffeine?

Indeed, there is a warm, delightful cup of freshly brewed Cacao. 

Many of you may not be aware of it, but don’t have to worry. In this guide, you will learn exciting facts about brewed Cacao and how Cacao is different from coffee but still can be a great substitute.  

Origin And Cacao’s Journey

Carrying the ancient Mayan and Aztec folklore, Cacao has always been significant regarding healthy drinks.

Growing in various tropical regions in South America, Cacao carries much importance. Some local cultures even take Cacao as a currency and serve it at royal feasts. 

The consumption of Cacao in this era is so much that today, 4.9 million tons of cocoa beans have been consumed Globally. 

The Legacy Of Coffee

With a great discovery in Ethiopia, coffee has been a constant drink option in every cafe, house, office, and more. 

The Middle East is a pivotal place for emerging coffee houses where people sit, sip warm coffee, and have long conversations. 

Then, trading and colonialism became an excellent reasons for distributing this energetic drink worldwide.

Which One Wins On Taste: The Cacao Vs Coffee

Cacao Vs Coffee

Brewed Cacao is renowned for its health benefits and coffee with its boosting ability. But there is more to both of them.

Let’s indulge more in Brewed Cocoa and Coffee and discover what sides these fraternal twins hide. 

Variety In Beans 

Earth can nurture a diverse variety from a single plant species, and that’s precisely why we find different types in Cacao beans and coffee beans. 

Starting with the cacao bean types, there are three fundamental types


These Cacao beans are one of the finest types. Packed with delicate and subtle flavors, these beans are robust in taste. This type is perfect for making intense chocolate delicacies. 


This cacao bean type is most widely used worldwide and has a significant position in the world’s cacao production. This high production eventually makes it a crucial element in the mass production of chocolate and cocoa-related items. 


This bean type combines the above Forastero and Criollo beans. Its versatility in flavors and adaptation in cultivating in different environments makes it a favorite to Cocoa and chocolate producers. 

Moving towards the diversity in Coffee beans;


Robusta has a high caffeine content; coffee from these beans gives robust, bitter, and bold intensity. This type is excellent for making instant coffees or espresso shots. 


Arabica is delicate and subtle in flavor as compared to Robusta. Coffee made from these beans gives a smooth and mild flavor taste. It has less caffeine intensity and is perfect for making artisanal coffee products. 


Brewed Cacao has a rich, velvety texture, which gives it a thick and creamy appearance. 

Talking about the color, brewed Cacao can be dark brown to deep brown in color intensity. 

Further appearance, such as froth layers when Cacao is blended or whipped, can be seen. 

Moving on to the coffee, it comes in black to dark brown shades. Depending upon the type of bean used, roasting level, and brewing method, coffee’s color, crema, and consistency can vary. 


Cacao, when brewed, appears to be thicker and darker. In contrast, coffee is thinner and can have shades from brown to dark brownish/blackish shade based on several factors. 


For coffee, coffee beans are roasted for a long time under high temperatures. However, the roasting time can differ depending on the type of coffee flavor being made.

Different roasting levels can alter the coffee’s bitterness, intensity, taste, and aroma.

Brewed Cacao does not undergo an intense roasting procedure like coffee beans. It usually occurs for a shorter period and under less heat. 


Brewed Cacao roasting occurs at less heat and for a short time to subtle and nuanced flavor, while coffee needs severe heat to bring out the hidden flavors and aroma. 

Brewing Convenience 

Brewing coffee is convenient as pre-grounded coffee or even coffee pods are already available in the market. 

You have to put the coffee pods in the coffee brewing machines, and you will have your flavored, hot/cold coffee in a few minutes.  

Instant coffee is much quicker to make than the above coffee brewing method. 

For cacao brewing, it is also convenient to make due to the presence of cacao powder. Add cacao powder in hot water and coffee, and you are done. Also, see more about Does Coffee Go Bad In The Fridge?


Brewing Cocoa and Coffee is as convenient as possible, depending on your mood and which one you want to make and enjoy.


Brewed Cacao has a rich, sweet, and intense chocolate flavor. Brewed Cocoa in hot chocolate or other cocoa-added beverages allows you to add milk or sugar to get the preferred taste. 

Coffee gives you a broad spectrum of flavors from which you can choose your taste. Light roast coffees will provide you with subtle fruity and floral notes. 

When it comes to having medium to dark roasted coffees, their flavor can have different strengths, i.e., complex notes, potent flavor, and strong undertones. Whose taste varies, having complex notes, robust flavor, and bolder tone. 

Adding sugar or milk to your brewed coffee will be a great idea if you want to levitate your coffee flavors. 


When Cocoa is brewed, you will get warm, nuanced, and sweet flavors. The taste can vary for your brewed coffee, i.e., lightly flavored or medium or dark and bold flavored.


When you brew coffee, you can smell different aromatic profiles, as each coffee flavor has its peculiar scent. 

The aromatic profiles can be light to intense, or you can even sense its fruitness, earthiness, or smokiness.

Moving on to the medium-roasted coffee brew, you can smell nutty caramel or cinnamon notes. 

Lastly, with the dark-roasted coffee, spicy and earthy or woody undertones will be added.

The brewed Cacao has an intensely sweet caramel, Cocoa, vanilla, and chocolate fragrance. This scent will surely levitate the mood of your surroundings.  


Along with sipping Hot Brewed Cacao, you can consume sweet and nuanced aromatic profiles through your nose. For the coffee tones, the type of coffee flavor you choose, the resultant scent you will smell. The aroma from both brews gives a unique warmth to one’s body and soul.

Health Benefits And Nutritional Value

Cacao Vs Coffee

When Brewed Cocoa comes into the spotlight, it is exceptionally renowned for being rich in antioxidants and beneficial minerals. These features help in relieving your stress.

Furthermore, by drinking Brewed Cocoa, you can have a healthy heart as it improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure to average.

That is why it is considered one of the healthy and beneficial beverages.

Coffee is rich in caffeine, which instantly boosts your body and mind. It also has antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, which helps improve metabolism.


Brewed Cacao and Coffee both have antioxidants that are good for health, but in terms of high intake, Brewed Cacao will be more beneficial than coffee.

Facts about Brewed Cacao ~Characteristics


South America 

Visible Fat

Significantly less


Light To Dark Brown

Brewing Methods 

French Press Or Cold Brew


No (yes, if a whisker or blender is used)


6.3 to 6.7

Theobromine amount




Brewed Coffee ~Key Features 



Visible fat



Roast dependent (light to dark brown/blackish)

Brewing methods 

French Press, Espresso shot, drip coffee 




4.9 to 5.5

Caffeine Amount




Can You Make Brewed Cacao At Home?

Cacao Vs Coffee

Brewing cacao at home is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do. Plus, it is a healthy drink, too, so why not make it;

You will need cacao powder, milk or water, sweetener, sugar or honey, and additional flavors like vanilla or cinnamon..Also, see more about How to Make Aeropress Cold Brew

Once you have all the ingredients, let’s start the process;

  1. Take a saucepan and heat water or milk.
  2. Take cacao powder and add it to the heated milk or water. Generally, 1-2 tablespoons of cacao powder is enough for one cup of brewed cacao serving.
  3. Stir the mixture and let it cook.
  4. You can also add sweetener or flavor to the mix while cooking for an extra taste. 
  5. After some cooking, pour the ready-brewed Cacao into your cup and enjoy.

Final Verdict ~Is Brewed Cacao Wins Against Coffee.

Brewed Cacao, with its numerous health benefits, is a great option, but it still needs the edge compared with coffee in terms of popularity. 

However, it does not make it a bit less than coffee in terms of taste.

Both are actively flourishing from ancient times in people’s hearts. 

Coffee can be an excellent source for enjoying diverse flavors and a substantial caffeine boost, while brewed Cacao can be your go-to soothing and mind-easing drink.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer coffee or brewed Cocoa, which is only possible by trying them both. 

~Let your craving flow, get your cup, and try them both

As life is short and we’re not here for long

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